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Ice Poseidon

Ice Poseidon

Ice Poseidon, born Paul Denino, is a YouTuber and live streamer. He got his start in online media by being RuneScape streamer, known for participating in various in-game pranks.

Currently, he is an in-real-life broadcaster on Youtube Gaming after being permanently banned from Twitch due to a SWATing troll. His stream is frequently targeted by fans attempting to disrupt the stream and place Denino in compromising situations.

Early Life and Streaming Beginnings

Paul is originally from Palm Beach, Florida and describes himself as a "weird" kid growing up. He originally planned to become a finance major at a four-year university but after attaining his associate's degree, he became a line cook for two years.

He has been a gamer for most of his life and when he would come home from work he would play RuneScape.

He made a few YouTube videos playing when he was encouraged by viewers to switch to Twitch. The first month he started streaming Paul only made $12. Paul has stated that he has been awkward and introverted most of his life and that streaming helped his confidence. He started to gain popularity through his unique acts of trolling; Paul made $700 the next month. Twitch took notice and Paul became a partner on the site, and in his third month of streaming made $8,000 and would have thousands of viewers concurrently watching his streams.

Life-Streaming and Growing Popularity

Assaulted during a live stream

Assaulted during a live stream

Ice transitioned into "life-streaming" with the advent of Pokémon Go. He was getting bored with gaming and was looking for a new outlet to expand his streaming persona. Once Twitch started to offer an IRL Stream, Ice stopped gaming completely and focused on his daily activities. At the height of his Twitch popularity, Ice had over 290,000 followers and at one point had 33K people watching him bike ride through New York City. Currently, Ice brings in 20K a month, but a large portion of it is invested back into the live-stream.

Trolling Incidents

Ice Poseidon fire extinguisher incident at Denny's

Ice Poseidon fire extinguisher incident at Denny's

Due to the trolling nature of his viewers and their liberal use of the word "nigger" in Twitch chats, Ice was banned multiple times from streaming. In January of 2017, Ice was banned for 45 days on the platform. In that time, Ice moved from South Florida to Los Angeles. Although he grew immensely more in popularity, the trolling would continue with viewers sniping into his live-streams and becoming part of the show. At one point while he was in a customs shop, viewers trolled the shop and the owner by constantly berating him with calls and giving him a thousand 1-star reviews on Yelp. Ice states that only a small portion of his viewership is malicious while the vast majority are genuine fans.

Several controversial moments happened on his live-stream including a troll spraying a fire extinguisher at the Denny's he was patronizing and an unknown individual wearing a Spiderman costume attempted suicide while jumping off a building. The camera caught Ice's reaction and he was noticeably shocked by the event and later revealed to his viewers that he is a survivor of a suicide attempt. In a two month span, Ice was SWATed by trolls twenty times, which culminated in the Phoenix airport incident. Ice has taken steps to avoid being SWATed again including informing to Los Angeles Police Department about the bizarre nature of his life-streaming to avoid mix-ups and confrontations with them.

Swatting and Phoenix Bomb Scare Incident

On 27 April 2017, someone falsely claimed Denino was carrying a bomb on a flight he was taking to Phoenix.

He was removed from the plane by local authorities and questioned by the FBI.

Ice Poseidon's Twitch account was banned the next day.

In a YouTube video, he said that the ban was due to disclosing his location at the airport on a live stream before the flight, and the events that occurred on the plane.

He stated the ban was permanent, but that he could appeal the ban in six months.

After receiving encouragement from fans and streamers at a conference in Phoenix, Ice switched to YouTube two days after being banned from Twitch.

Virtually all of his viewers transferred platforms and started watching him stream on YouTube.

Audience Engagement and Memes

What arm thing homie?

What arm thing homie?

Ice Poseidon has a cult following and a massive following online.

As of September 2017, he had over 40,000 subscribers in his Subreddit, over 37,000 users in his Discord, over 93,000 followers on Twitter, over 265,000 subscribers on YouTube. Ice has a number of inside memes and jokes with his fans. His "what arm thing homie?" is an awkward arm motion that he does randomly on camera, George Allen is Ice's normie alter-ego, and Cx, a very old anime smiley face used in RuneScape that now signifies being part of the Purple Army. Ice Poseidon's emotional realism huge a large component to his success as well as his lack of distance between his audience and himself as a performer. From this closeness with his viewers from constantly being bombarded with messages live while he is streaming, he has developed a strong bond with his viewers. He has stated "I don't have a personal life. My personal life is my stream."

Gangster Threat

On September 1st, 2017, Ice Poseidon was confronted by a restaurant manager.

The manager of the restaurant had received dozens of calls about Ice Poseidon eating at the restaurant.

The viewers of his livestream were trolling Ice Poseidon, saying he would dine and dash.

The restaurant manager leaned over during Ice Poseidon's stream and said "I'm a fucking gangster" and proceeded to make several threats, urging Ice Poseidon to leave the restaurant.

Ice then walked away fearfully.

The next day, Ice Poseidon met up with the restaurant owner on a livestream.

They had an extensive conversation about Cafe Verona managerial issues.

He had owned Cafe Verona for 17 years.


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