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Celestia Vega

Celestia Vega

Celestia Vega (born August 12, 1998) is an adult model, vlogger and pornographic actress. She has a large social media following in YouTube[36] and Twitter. [2] [12] She started create a web presence for herself in late 2015.[35] Established herself as a Gamer[37] on the live streaming network Twitch before expanding her social media range to Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Snapchat. She has more than 550,000 subscribers on.YouTube[35]

Vlog Career

Many of Celestia Vega's famous videos were about her sexual fantasies like BDSM and past experiences. [12] As of July 2019, these videos are deleted and there is only one video on the channel.[2]

Celestia is a proponent of frequent masturbation, doing so 3 to 6 times daily. [2] She is primarily attracted to women, although she is bisexual. [12] Some of her videos were also about her personal life, doing Ouija with her friends, and gaming livestreams. [15] She frequently appears on Ice Poseidon's streams. [2]

Camming and Adult Content

Celestia was also a camgirl, livestreaming herself masturbating while interacting with her fans. Her involvement in the pornography industry led to Zoie Burgher banning Celestia from the Luxe Gaming collective, though Zoie later entered pornography herself.

In November of 2017, Celestia announced she'd be releasing a porno movie on December 25th, which caused her name to become a national Twitter trend on Christmas, right behind "Merry Christmas" and "Happy Birthday Jesus". The video didn't drop on Christmas Day and she released a statement saying: [26]

"I love u all so very much and that’s one of the reasons I even chose to do and release this video today.

if u know me as a person, u know I’m not trolling/lying.

I have a fucking porno and it WILL come out!!

I’m waiting to hear from @Pornhub and will keep you updated.

Still waiting for it to be fixed!

if u need to sleep, sleep!!

if u need to do something else, do it!!

take care of urself!!!

I’ll be staying up all night waiting for it to fix and will let you all know when shit is going down"

Celestia was among the most searched for people on Pornhub in 2017. She is signed with LA Direct Models.[25]

Stunt With KSI

In 2018, Youtuber KSI released a 14-minute video with Celestia that was supposedly a prequel to a pornography film. He promised that if it reached 1,000,000 likes they would release the real thing. The cheesy video features back rubs, saxophones, but no hanky-panky. [26][27][28]

Disappearance and Return

In December of 2018,Vega stunned her being a fan when she expressed "I'm done" on the entirety of her online media profiles and thusly erased them.

Everybody thought about her issues with tension and sadness, so individuals were anxious about the possibility that that she may have commited Suicide.

No one knew where she was until March 17, 2019, when she posted a YouTube video with the title "I'm back", utilizing this chance to share all that had happened to her.

Due to her difficult encounters from past connections, she believed that investigating her sexual opportunity would help her vibe better; tragically, this wasn't the situation.

'The climate that I've been in the previous two years in sex work had truly left me broken.', she said of her experience.


These days, you can see her spilling on Twitch every once in a while.

She's communicated no longing to get back to web-based media for the time being.[34]

Social Media

As at July 2019, Celestia has 580,000 subscribers on YouTube and 131,000 followers on Twitch.tv. She has a Twitter with nearly 50,000 followers where she goes by the handle @celestia717. Her Instagram is set to private under the handle @celestia717and has almost 25,000 followers.[2]

Personal Life

She plays RuneScape, League of Legends, and several other PC games. Celestia has raised many types of animals, including cats, llamas, and snails. [13]

Celestia has been using computers since she was 3 years old.

Her hobbies include watching conspiracy videos and horror films. [13]

She has been playing piano since she was 5 years old.

In high school, she played several sports, including soccer, cross country, and track and field. Her specialty was the 100-meter dash. [13]

Although Celestia grew up in New York, she currently stays in California. She struggles with depression and anxiety. [13] She is notable for changing her hair color, dying it electric blue, blonde, purple, and red.

She was awarded the title of Maxim's Finest in 2017. She gave a small speech about resiliency and staying true:

"Undoubtedly, I come from a pretty non-generic background.

I am not the best model, a perfect person, and I don’t act or look the way I do to please others.

I will never change my flaws or who I truly am as a person regardless of anything I do, earn, or achieve.

Becoming Maxim’s Finest and achieving something so grand would help validate the idea that you can come from any background, be an underdog, and still succeed with whatever you choose to do."

In her “50 FACTS ABOUT ME” video, Celestia told the story of her tough time at school:

"Video games were an escape when I was a kid, especially because I had almost no friends at school.

I had to deal with a lot of bullying, and it was the reason why I kept to myself."


For eight years, she also attended a classical music school, with a focus on playing the acoustic guitar, and has displayed this skill in several of her streaming sessions.

As a teenager, she made friends online playing games, with her first foray into this world being “Freddi Fish”, a children’s adventure game.[34]


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