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Hampton Brandon

Hampton Brandon

Hampton Brandon, born Brandon Jason Grosso, is an American livestreamer. [11] He is originally from Long Island City, but now lives in New York City.

Livestream Career

Hampton Brandon is known for providing quality content during live streams. His fanbase considers him to be alpha, since he gets into arguments and altercations with those who challenge him. He also is very charismatic and frequently picks up girls during live streams. [3]

In early August of 2017, popular IRL Streamer Ice Poseidon was walking through Los Angeles when he walked by Hampton Brandon. Although the two bickered when they met, Hampton Brandon was then the biggest entertainer on the platform DLive​. [11] His live videos consist of him fooling around in public and talking to strangers.

On September 13th of 2017, he had sex on his YouTube livestream. In the video, an unknown woman can be heard moaning and making slurping sounds.

After numerous bans from YouTube and discontentment with platform DLive, Brandon began streaming on Mixer in May of 2020 whilst residing in New York once again.

He reportedly left Los Angeles, California due to outstanding warrants for his arrest. [35]


In July 2018, Brandon was detained by a bounty hunter on six separate outstanding warrants, with a bail of $100,000.

However, he was later released.[25]

In October 2018, Brandon (with a crew of four others) approached the car of fellow streamer Ebenezer "EBZ" Lembe, sprayed mace at his windshield, then fled in a car.

EBZ then met up with another streamer, Corinne, who seemed very shaken up about the situation.

Every interaction was captured on Lembe's and Corinne's streams.

At little while later, Brandon pulled up with his posse to where Lembe and Corinne were staying in Beverly Hills.

Brandon got out of the car brandishing a knife and wanted to fight Lembe.

Corinne had called the cops after the altercation and a few hours later, Gross was arrested by the LAPD, which Corinne caught on camera.

According to the police filing, he was charged with a felony and was held on $50,000 bail.[26]

In April 2019, Brandon was arrested while relaxing with his friends in front of a barber shop in Arizona.

Police arrived soon after, cuffing Grosso off-camera presumably for the several warrants he’s managed to accumulate in the state.[27][28]

Ten Toes Down

Hampton Brandon is known to utilize the phrase "Ten Toes Down", which basically means to be authentic and 'keep it real'.

It has become a significant saying amongst his community.

His fans also exclaim "RealOnes", "Positivity Gang" and Press F to Pay Respects.

Personal Life

Hampton Brandon is a cannabis connoisseur. He grows marijuana in large quantities, planting over 50 OG Kush plants in one grow. [12]

In addition to frequent marijuana use, Brandon revealed on his livestream that he previously used Nitrous oxide in order to get high. His dependency became so intense that he once had a full canister in the passenger seat of his car and spun out while driving on the highway due to being incapacitated. Brandon also takes credit for popularizing the trend amongst rappers.[35]

Brandon has also become notorious on stream for his On-again, off-again relationship with his girlfriend Maya, who Brandon met in New York years ago. Despite occasional documented Domestic violence, they're eventually seen with one another again. [36][37]

After living in Los Angeles for five years, he later temporarily resided in Phoenix, AZ and Austin, TX, the latter being with his former Co-host Yuber.

Hampton Brandon also invests in cryptocurrencies. [6]


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