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Everipedia Pages In Need Of Creating/Updating  (11/04/19 - 11/11/19)

Everipedia Pages In Need Of Creating/Updating (11/04/19 - 11/11/19)

This is a list of interesting items in the news cycle that could use some love from the Everipedia community. Feel free to add pages that are missing information or out of date. Once you update a page move it from the needs updating section to the updated section. [1]

Needs Updating


Cyrus Kabiru: Kenyan artist

Hebru Brantley: Rising visual artist

Kim Altomare: Visual artist on the rise


Jayson Gonzalez: Krispy Kreme ordered him to stop reselling donuts [3]

Paul Maidment: Deadspin executive resigned


Mach E: Partnered with Idris Elba

Royal Falcon One: Porsche designed yacht

Fisker Ocean: Electric SUV

AMB 001: Aston Martin motorcycle


Santos Fonseca: Murder suspect escaped from jail

Jonathan Salaza: Murder suspect escaped from jail

Benjamin Schreiber: Murderer died and came back to life, argues thst he should be freed from jail [8]


Jorg Molt: New person claiming to be Satoshi Nakomota [2]


Jamie Spears: Britney Spears' dad

Pearl (Lorde's Dog): Died recently

Tyler Blevins: Twitch gamer who just came out with a comic book

Elijah Lee: 11 year old activist appearing Marvel movie [9]


Henchman Studios: Blizzard hired them for first Diablo 4 cosplay [6]

Sasha Melnychuk: Model who made a splash with halloween costume

Baserange: popular fashion outlet

Amin Hasanzadeh: Iranian national accused of stealing trade secrets

Ali Alzabarah: Twitter employee accused of spying

Ahmad Abouammo: Twitter employee accused of spying



Popeye's Chicken Sandwich: sandwich is back


CAMEone: Producer on Kanye's album

NVSHU: all female DJ collective


Michael Esposito: Lobbyist Trump is trying to distance himself from



Jianguo Pro 3: Bytedance smart phone

Inboard: Startup that's looking for an acquirer


Maryam Shanechi: designs mind-reading machine


Joxnlol: Won lottery and put half of his winnings in bitcoin

Video Games

Vkliooon: First woman to become Esports Hearthstone champ [5]

Centiskorch: Leaked Pokemon

Chain Clash: Blockchain game with Brock Pierce as a playable character

You Are Jeff Bezos: A text based choose your own adventure game [7]


List of Shaw Brothers films: This Hong Kong movie studio legend needs pages created for their 1,000+ films


New York City Feral Cat Initiative: Initiative to use cats to address rodent problem in NYC

David Carter: Teacher dressed up like Common in blackface on got fired

Robert Hisashi Nishimoto: Died after falling into a lava tube


Space Cargo Unlimited: Launched wine into space

Sense.Chat: Everipedia, KARMA, and Lumeos have launched communities on Sense.Chat

Rodney Reed: Wrongfully accused inmate sceduled to be executed

More Life Growth Co.: Drake's new cannabis wellness company

Jarvis (FaZe Clan): Banned from Fortnite for using bots [4]

Space Cargo Unlimited: launched wine into space

OK Boomer: meme about the baby boomers generation


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