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Lumeos (ticker symbol: LUME) is a decentralized social network. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California. [7] The Founder and CEO is Ali Ayyash. [7]


Lumeos is a social network being built on top of EOS. [3] Lumeos is a social polling app that lets users create and answer polls to earn reward points redeemable for tokens. Users are incentivized to provide their information in a gamified interface and actively make their data valuable by answering polls and surveys. The more data shared by the user, the more their earning. Their model has a focus on privacy and secure monetization of personal information through patent-pending encryption algorithms. [10][18] On Lumeos, users can share their data with others on the platform either for free or in exchange for LUME tokens. [7]

Lumeos plans to introduce a concept known as Proof of Friendship that incentives users to get their friends to use the platform through referrals.

[7] Friends can compete with each other to establish streaks of login to the app, as well as see who has more friends, more tokens, and the best-created polls.



Ali Ayyash, the Founder and CEO, used to work for Google, Amazon, and Bee Token. [7] Zokir Tiliaev is the CTO and an expert in C++ and has worked at Bloomberg and Athena Capital in the past. [7] CMO Rick Koleta has over ten years experience in the marketing industry and has founded the largest influencer marketplace in the MENA region. [1] Fred Madrid is the Lead UX Designer, Zaid Al Husseini is a Full Stack Engineer, Doug Aronson is the Head of Social Marketing, and Guocheng is the Systems Architect. [7]


Kedar Iyer, Lead Blockchain Developer at Everipedia, is a member of the Lumeos advisory board. [3] Other advisors are Aaron Wu (Co-founder of Blockchain incubator "Starfish"), Dmitry Chirun (ex-VP Technology of Wargaming), and Min Kim (founder of Blocultural Studios). [3]


On March 29, 2019, Lumeos announced that they are entering phase 2 of their roadmap cycle.

People will be able to embed polls onto different websites to increase engagement on mediums outside of Lumeos's website.

They also announced that there are several partnerships in the works that would allow Lumeos to collect data from other companies (with the permission of their users) and rewarding them with more LUME tokens.

On August 13, for the first time, users could transfer their LUME tokens out of their EOS wallets.

In order to do so, the LUME tokens had to be unstacked and wait for 7 a period of days.

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