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EasyFi (EASY)

EasyFi (EASY)

EasyFi (EASY) is a Layer 2 DeFi (decentralized finance) lending protocol for digital assets powered by Matic Network.[1]


EasyFi is a universal layer 2 lending protocol designed as an open network infrastructure to run on public networks to facilitate an end to end lending and borrowing of digital assets and related financial products.[2][10]

The EasyFi network is blockchain agnostic, allowing cross-chain asset settlements. EasyFi uses a Proof-of-stake consensus mechanism.[3]

In October 2020, the EasyFi team announced the integration of Chainlink, one of the most widely used decentralized oracle network, to securely access reliable price feeds within the EasyFi lending protocol.


  • Microlending: Micro Loans from EasyFi are built to enable users to draw upon small loans quickly for various purposes, be it their small business, medical emergency, or yearly salary (In case of various territories where salaries are paid in crypto). [4]

  • Undercollateralized Lending: Connecting with TrustScore (a decentralized rating mechanism built by Koinfox) EasyFi enables the community to access billions in the capital that can be allocated efficiently.

  • Credit Delegation: EasyFi enables credit delegation as one of its core products for more trust-based loans where both parties either know each other or accept the level of risk by deciding upon the TrustScore of the borrower. [8]

  • Yield Farming: EasyFi enables users to farm its native protocol token EASY by interacting with the protocol.

  • Farmed tokens are distributed on daily basis to the users based on their interaction contribution with the protocol.

  • [6][9]

In December 2020, the EasyFi team launched EasyFi protocol Version 1 - Volatile Asset Markets.

V1 contracts render previous Version 0 (V0) contracts with limited functionality.

Due to this event, the following changes will happen:

  • Existing liquidity providers or lenders need to withdraw their supplied assets from respective markets.

  • Version 0 contracts will allow users to withdraw supplied assets and repay their borrowed assets accordingly.

  • Version 0 will no longer be used for new lending and borrowing operations which means users will not be able to supply and borrow, to and from existing USDCoin, Dai, and USDT markets on V0.

  • As the V1 has already been launched, users will now only be able to use V1 contracts henceforth.

  • All other features and processes will remain unchanged.[16]

Version 0 will be discontinued and all contracts related to V0 will be deprecated on December 31, 2020.[16]

EASY Token

EasyFi native token EASY is an ERC20 standard token used for the following key functions:

  • Governance: EASY token enables users to play part in the protocol’s governance as EasyFi is going to become a DAO and enable the community to control various governance decisions .

  • Protocol Incentivization: token enables users to earn rewards from time to time and provide them with voting rights in the upkeep of the protocol and continuous development.

  • Staking rewards: EASY token enables various projects to launch their lending and borrowing markets on the EasyFi network hence enabling them to stake EASY tokens for earning rewards in form of tokens of the respective markets and interact with corresponding markets on the protocol.

  • Cross market interaction: EasyFi is the first protocol in the DeFi space to enable dual token farming, hence allowing various markets to be launched on EasyFi and incentivize EasyFi users to interact with those respective markets.

  • Cross Chain Settlement: EASY tokens are used as a cross-chain settlement instrument in the various bridges created to communicate and share the liquidity with various chains like Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, etc.[11][13]

EASY is listed on BitMax.io, Uniswap, CoinDCX, Bilaxy, Resfinex, StealthEX, SwapSpace, Blockfolio, and Delta.[1]


EASY total supply is 10,000,000 EASY.

3,950,000 EASY from the total supply is reserved for community distribution and various incentive programs over a period of 20 months.

Once the protocol was launched, a total of 1,250,000 EASY was allocated for distribution in a linear fashion as part of yield farming.

The remaining 2,700,000 EASY are kept separately in an ecosystem fund meant to be utilized for other future incentivization programs.


2,000,000 EASY are allocated to founders and the team, subject to 18-months vesting.

This includes an allocation for future team members too.

10% of allocated EASY will be unlocked in 6 months and then distributed daily for the vested period.


2,000,000 EASY are allocated for a foundation for product development and business expansion, subject to 21-months vesting.

10% of allocated EASY will be unlocked in 9 months and then distributed daily for the vested period.


265,000 EASY are allocated for liquidity provision funds.


1,785,000 EASY have been distributed to early backers, strategic investors, and advisors of the project, vested for a period of 15 months.[13]

Dual Yield Farming (DF2)

For accelerating the adoption of EasyFi lending protocol and attracting new liquidity onto a layer two blockchain network, the EasyFi team introduced a new variant of yield farming or liquidity mining called “Dual Yield Farming” whereby EasyFi along with different partner projects, would allocate a portion of EASY tokens and partner project’s native tokens towards incentivizing liquidity providers and yield farmers.

Under dual yield farming, a higher APY (annual percentage yield) can be achieved. Since the inflation of native token is controlled and is complemented through corresponding emission of incentives of another partner token, users tend to earn more over the period of time.[14]

EasyFi launched Dual Farming Program (DF2) in November 2020.

In the DF2 program, EASY tokens need to be deposited for farming MATIC tokens.

This means that MATIC will be used as part of this program.

Matic Network allocated a portion of their native MATIC towards incentivizing communities of both the projects. In the future, new partners will be added and EASY stakers will have more options to choose from as reward tokens while they stake EASY. An estimated more than 5 million MATIC will be distributed to EASY stakers during the session. The current farming cycle has been set at 2 months. Reward APY will be updated on a real-time basis on the dashboard screen.[15]


In April 2021, EasyFi reported suffering a hack of over $80 million.

A blog post by CEO and founder Ankitt Gaur said the hacker had transferred out 2.98 million EASY tokens, which were worth around $25 apiece at the time, for a total of around $75 million.

Also removed was $6 million from liquidity pools in U.S. dollars, Dai and Tether. The amounts were transferred to an unknown wallet on the Ethereum (ETH) network. Gaur wrote that private keys to the network admin MetaMask account had been compromised through his computer, but the EasyFi smart contracts were not exploited. He also offered a $1 million reward to the hacker for returning the funds in full. EASY tokens have taken a hit since the hack, sitting at $13.01 as of April 24, 2021. Deposits and withdrawals have also been suspended, which has prevented the hacker from moving the stolen tokens from the wallet. [17]


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