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A smartphone open to the cryptocurrency portfolio tracking app Blockfolio.

A smartphone open to the cryptocurrency portfolio tracking app Blockfolio.

Blockfolio is a portfolio management app for cryptocurrencies. It offers tools that allow investors to track and manage their Bitcoin / Altcoin portfolio.

Blockfolio was founded in 2014 and is based in Santa Monica, California. The app has more than 6 million cumulative downloads. Its news and portfolio tools average more than 150 million impressions each month. In August 2020, the company was acquired by FTX in a $150,000,000 deal. [18]


Blockfolio was founded June 2014 by Charlie Mason, Edward Moncada, and Peter Lau who were all early backers of Dash. Since then the app's user base has grown significantly, as of 2018, the app has 4.5 million users. [1] The app features information on more than 6,000 cryptocurrencies as well as integrations with more than 240 online cryptocurrency exchanges, to keep up-to-date tabs on their holdings, to check price and market information, and to receive updates from cryptocurrency project developers.


Blockfolio's Series A round investors

Blockfolio's Series A round investors

In October 2018, Blockfolio completed a Series A financing round of $11.5 million. The round was led by Pantera Capital and includes a group of premier investors that span both the globe and the cryptocurrency ecosystem. BitMEX and Huobi, also invested in the round. The following funds also invested in Blockfolio's Series A:

  • Danhua VC

  • DCM Ventures

  • Pathfinder, Founders Fund's early stage investment vehicle

  • Abstract Ventures

  • Refactor Capital

  • Mayfield Fund

  • Chapter One Ventures

  • NKB Group

  • Global Blockchain Innovative Capital

  • Block72

  • Nirvana Capital

Blockfolio Signal

Signals feed

Signals feed

In May 2018, Blockfolio launched a new feature, Blockfolio Signal, which lets the teams behind cryptocurrencies broadcast updates through a one-way channel via optional push notifications—a different setup than the infinite-scrolling feeds filled with all and sundry that predominate today.

As of October 2018, Blockfolio has over 90 cryptocurrency teams using the app to issue one-directional updates, and another 300-plus teams are on the wait list.

The companies using Blockfolio to blast notifications include blockchain encyclopedia Everipedia, prediction market Augur, blockchain identity startup Civic, privacy coin Zcash, and decentralized exchange project 0x.

Blockfolio 2.0

Blockfolio 2.0

Blockfolio 2.0

In October 2018, Blockfolio completely revamped the look of their app and added several new features.

The app's user interface was designed to be much simpler and cleaner. One of the most anticipated new features of Blockfolio 2.0 is the ability to track holdings across an unlimited number of portfolios . They also moved Signal up to the front of the app, so users can see updates right away.

Some of the other new features include:

  • Global average pricing to give a broad market overview for every coin.

  • Price-watching a coin versus adding transactions are now two separate flows for easier organization.

  • Consolidated holdings and transactions from various trading pairs for a more holistic view of a single coin.

  • (For more advanced traders who are interested in tracking prices of multiple pairs of a coin, that is still available in the Watch tab of our new Add Transaction screen).

  • Added transaction fee tracking for a clearer picture of true profit/loss.

Acquisition by FTX

In August 2020, CoinDesk and The Block reported that Blockfolio had been acquired in a $150,000,000 deal by FTX. The price was paid in cash, crypto and equity. The combined company aims to build a new standard for quality in retail trading experiences. The acquisition is a strategic play for FTX, whose clientele consists largely of quants and professional traders, to attract more retail customers. [18]

The deal ranks ahead of TRON Foundation's acquisition of BitTorrent ($125 million) and behind Lightyear.io's merger with Chain, the deal that formed Interstellar ($350 million). [18]

The companies began discussing plans in late 2019 to build a retail-focused cryptocurrency product together.

Those discussions eventually morphed into merger talks. [18]

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A smartphone open to the cryptocurrency portfolio tracking app Blockfolio.
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