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Dvinci Energy

Dvinci Energy

Dvinci Energy is an American renewable energy company that is focus on providing access to solar panels to be easy, reliable, and and at a great price.

It was founded by Walid Halty and Ahmad Hodroj in 2016 and is based in Boston and Los Angeles, California. [undefined]



The name for Dvinci Energy was inspired by Leonardo da Vinci who was the theme to Burning Man in 2016. [undefined] Dvinci strives to embody the universal genius that was intertwined in the soul of Dvinci. [undefined]

Services and Success

A residential home powered by Dvinci

A residential home powered by Dvinci

Dvinci has a price disciplined approach that allows homeowners and commercial building owners to choose from different financing companies, suppliers, and installers, offering flexibility to their clients.

[undefined] As of September 2017, Dvinci is saving it’s clients an estimated $45 Million in utilities while simultaneously reducing 8,760 tons/year in CO2 emissions.

[undefined] Their goal is to have $1 billion in clients’ savings by 2019.

[undefined] Dvinci's customers are primarily in the Boston metropolitan area and Southern California. [undefined] [undefined]

Dvinci Energy has generated $10.55M in revenue in less 10 months since it's inception, with $20M in our residential & commercial pipeline.

[undefined] Their forecasted revenue is $75M by end of 2018 & $350M by 2019.

Dvinci has no debt/outside funding, and in less than 1 year employed around 40 employees.


Dvinci has a number of domestic residential and commercial, and international utility scale projects in Jamaica, Indonesia, Guinea, Sri Lanka, and Liberia.

Dvinci Foundation

The Dvinci Foundation is the non-profit arm of Dvinci Energy whose mission is to increase awareness and education of renewable energy.

[undefined] By collaborating with partners and donors, The Dvinci Foundation aims to lead the way in corporate responsibility.



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