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Ahmad Hodroj

Ahmad Hodroj

Ahmad Hodroj is an American Entrepreneur based in Boston, Massachusetts. He is the Chief of Operations at Dvinci Energy.

Early Life and Education

Ahmad grew up in Foxboro, Massachusetts and is of Lebanese descent. He attend Foxboro High school and graduated in 2011. While in high school, Hodroj worked as an assistant manager at Sunoco. He went on earned his B.A. in Economics from UMass Boston in 2016.


Holding a check from the Dvinci Foundation with Walid Halty

Holding a check from the Dvinci Foundation with Walid Halty

During college, Ahmad worked as a Personal Banker at Citizens Bank where he established relationships with customers, sold financial products, and participated in sales and marketing activities. [1] In addition, Hodroj was an Independent Distributor for Vemma where he built a large affiliate network and developed entrepreneurship skills. [1]

Hordroj started his career in the renewable energy sector as an Energy Consultant for SolarCity where he generated leads, designed solar energy systems, and managed the sales pipeline from prospect to installation.


In October 2016, Dvinci co-founded Dvinci Energy alongside Walid Halty and serves as Chief Operations Officer. He is responsible for all areas dealing with operations of the company including ensuring quality control of sales, supply chain management, business development, recruiting, training, and marketing. [1] Along with fostering relationships with installers and financiers, served as head of both internal and external communications. [1]

In less than 10 months Dvinci Energy has generated over $10 Million in revenue with an additional $20 Million in its project pipeline for 2018.

Dvinci is projected $75 Million in revenue by year 2019.


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