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DTube (or D.Tube) is a decentralized streaming video platform, originally built on Steem blockchain, which allows users to upload videos easily and make money (or cryptocurrency) via the upvotes or likes on their post. [1] D.Tube utilizes Steemit's platform and token economy to host videos, offer rewards for content, and manage accounts. D.Tube is the first crypto-decentralized video platform. Content creators upload videos to a channel. Dtube is structured very much like a YouTube alternative website. Model of earning and rewarding is similar to Steemit and Steem-based platforms.

DTube has in late 2019 and early 2020 began to switch to its own blockchain and develop its own cryptocurrency called DTube Coin (DTC) [5] while maintaing links to Steem blockchain and introducing links to new Hive blockchain[6] following Steem hard fork in March 2020.

Users can earn D.Tube coins (DTC) as a reward by posting content and getting votes and likes.

DTube does not recommend any videos for users, videos that get real votes from users can gain traction and rank among the trending videos.[7]

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