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DLive is a decentralized video live streaming platform.[17][18] It offers an alternative to traditional live-streaming platforms, where it uses blockchain technology to reward streamers.[6]


Why Stream on DLive?

Why Stream on DLive?

DLive allows streamers to earn without high commitment compared to other streaming platforms that require minimums on metrics like stream time, streams, followers/subscribers, etc. The platform also employs Lemon as the token with which viewers can donate content creators.[6]

DLive was originally based on Steem blockchain before switching to Lino network.[1] In December 2019, it had expanded its reach by joining the BitTorrent Ecosystem, allowing it to implement new systems including its BTT Staking feature on the TRON blockchain.

On October 22, 2020, it was announced that DLive would be acquired by BitTorrent for its new entity that will include various other services, BitTorrent X.[21] Justin Sun, DLive's founder and BitTorrent CEO, explained his feelings on the acquisition,

In one big step, the BitTorrent X ecosystem may drive blockchain-related tools to billions of devices.

Hundreds of millions of users will have access to the next era of tools to share, store, and stream their content directly to anyone across the web.[22]

Famous Users

In April 2019 Pewdiepie began to stream on DLive.[12] He ended his time on the platform in May 2020, after signing an exclusive live-streaming deal with YouTube.[19]

Other famous users on DLive include Tugaygokyt, Enes Batur, Hazreti Yasuo, and Ataberk Doğan.[20]

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