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Dr. Henry Michael Bello was a former employee of the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center. [3]

Undated photo of Dr. Henry Bello


Dr. Bello worked in family medicine during his time at Lebanon Hospital. He's listed as an MD on the hospital's site but doesn't show up in the state registry of physicians. [12]

However, he was assigned a National Provider Identifier number in 2014. [16]

He resigned from the hospital in 2015 in lieu of termination. [3] He was unable to find work afterwards and was living in a homeless shelter as a mental health occupant before going on his shooting rampage. [22]

Criminal Record

Dr. Bello had three previous arrests on his record at the time of his death. [5] He was arrested on August 28, 2004, in Manhattan following an incident in which a 23-year-old woman said an assailant grabbed her crotch, held her arms, lifted her up and carried her off, saying, “You’re coming with me." [17]

Bello was charged with sex abuse and unlawful imprisonment. [17]


On June 30, 2017, Bello opened fired at Lebanon Hospital Center, shooting dead a woman and wounding six other of his former colleagues. [3] [4]

His victim, Dr. Tracy Tam, was covering a shift for a coworker and was not Bello's intended target.

He began shooting after trying to set himself on fire. The hospital's sprinklers were activated during this time, knocking down the fire. [19] [17] [5]

His corpse

At around 3:00 p.m., officers from the New York Police Department responded to reports of multiple doctors shot by an active shooter wearing a doctor's coat and carrying a AR-15 rifle. [5] [4]

He hid the high-powered rifle under his lab coat and had his ID card before the shooting. [4] [5]

The shooting occurred at 173rd Street and Grand Concourse in the Mt. Eden section of the Bronx hospital. [5] [4]

He then barricaded himself on the 17th floor where he committed suicide shooting himself in the head. [4]

Bello had threatened to kill several people at the time of his termination in 2015 at the hospital. His intended target was a resident who was not at work the day of his shooting spree. [20]

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