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Donovan Cameron

Donovan Cameron

Former Pro Boxer

Former Pro Boxer

Donovan Cameron (born September 30, 1987, died January 10, 2019) was a professional boxer.[8]


Professional Boxer

He compiled a professional record of 4 wins and 0 losses.

He boxed as a super welterweight.

He was trained for part of his career by Dewey Cooper. Cameron was from Manchester, England. Cameron lived in Henderson, Nevada at the time of his death. He trained in Las Vegas at the world-famous Mayweather Boxing Club. The gym is located in the Chinatown section near the Las Vegas Strip.

His professional debut was on November 21, 2015, at the Masonic Temple in Norfolk, Virginia. He tko'd Marqus Jackson. He won three boxing matches in 2016. His last fight was on August 6, 2016, against Nathan Perry. Perry had a professional record of 1 win and 28 losses and 1 draw. Cameron won by technical knockout and he never fought again.[9]

Mayweather Boxing Club

In 2014, Cameron competed in unsanctioned boxing exhibitions against Hasim Rahman Jr. and Sharif Rahman at the Mayweather Boxing Club. They are the sons of former Lineal/WBC/IBF world heavyweight champion Hasim Rahman. The boxing matches occurred at the Mayweather Boxing Club in Las Vegas. After the event was filmed, the Nevada Athletic Commission ordered Floyd Mayweather to appear before the five-person panel at a meeting to answer questions about unsafe training conditions at his Las Vegas gym.

The commission was concerned about scenes that were broadcast during the second episode of the Showtime (TV network) "All Access" series that aired in advance of Mayweather's rematch against Marcos Maidana at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas in 2014. The scenes showed Cameron competing against the Rahman brothers in boxing matches fought under "dog house" rules. Mayweather was cleared of any wrongdoing.


Died In 2019

Died In 2019

Cameron's death was reported on January 11, 2019, by his trainer Dewey Cooper. Cooper stated that he was informed of Cameron's death a day before. A GoFundMe campaign was launched to raise funds and Don Cameron's body was shipped from Nevada to Manchester, England where he was buried.[7]


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