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Devyn Holmes

Devyn Holmes

Devyn Holmes is a resident of Beaumont, Texas. [1]

Personal Life & Education

Devyn Holmes attended La Marque High School and graduated from Ball High School in the class of 2009.

In the Media

On Saturday March 31, 2018, Holmes was shot in his head in a video that was streamed on Facebook Live. Holmes, Johnathan "Cadillac" Coleman, and Cassandra Nickcole Damper were in a car at a Valero gas station off Southmore Boulevard in Houston, Texas and were playing with a gun when the incident occurred. [1]

Damper who was sitting in the passenger seat accidentally shot Holmes in the head.

After he was shot, the two others are seen leaving the car.

Holmes was taken to a hospital and is currently on life support. [1]


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