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Colleen Parkey

Colleen Parkey

Colleen Parkey (néeColleen Rick, born May 25, 1993) is an American real estate agent. She is best known as the wife of Cody Parkey, the kicker for the Chicago Bears.

Early Life & Education

Colleen Parkey was raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She moved to Jupiter, Florida at an early age and graduated from Jupiter Community High School.

During her sophomore year of high school, she met her husband, Cody Parkey.

Parkey is an alumna of Florida State University and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Communications. [1] While there, she was a Kappa Delta.


Colleen Parkey is a real estate agent.

She representsSutter & Nugent Estate. She started at the establishment after realizing her enjoyment of real estate while looking for her own home after college.

Personal Life

Colleen Parkey is married to Cody Parkey. The couple got engaged in 2016 and wed on July 1, 2017. Together, they have a dog named Marlin, who has an Instagram account dedicated to him.


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