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Chris Long is an American photographer, videographer, and BMX enthusiast based in Los Angeles, California. He is closely associated with No Jumper and captures much of the platform's content.[1] Long is a favorite amongst No Jumper fans who often refer to themselves as "Chris Longers" in admiration of him.[2]


Long is originally from Billerica, Massachusetts and grew up being involved in the BMX community in Boston and throughout the northeast. Along with riding BMX bikes in his youth, Long would also take pictures and videos of his contemporaries performing various stunts and tricks.

Around 2004, Long befriended Adam22 and would visit him in New York City on BMX trips while he was living in Boston. They both were familiar with each other growing up in the New England BMX scene but it was only later that they would start working together on projects like The Come Up BMX blog, which they would work together on creating content and covering the scene for several scenes.

In 2010, Adam22 would move to Long Beach, California and Long would follow weeks later. They would pursue more BMX-related projects out in California while expanding The Come Up. In 2015, Adam22 would launch No Jumper and Long would assist and lead all media aspects of the platform. Today, Long commonly goes by the moniker Chris Long Films and captures the most prominent names in hip hop on his Instagram account. As of March, Long had over 52k followers on the platform.[1]

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