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Bradley Martyn

Bradley Martyn

Bradley Martyn (born May 22, 1989) is an online fitness coach. He is the co-founder of Lean Meals Inc. and runs a highly subscribed health and fitness, self-titled YouTube channel. [7][8]

Early Life & Education

Bradley Martyn started training in the gym early, learning about weight training and nutrition when he was 15 years old. [3]

In January 2006, when he was 16 years old, he opened his own training program called BMFit; the BM stands for the two initials in his name.


Bradley dropped out of college about one semester shy of graduating.



Online Fitness

His fitness program is called BMFit.

He began his online fitness program in January of 2006.

It wasn’t until 2014 when he truly began gaining recognition in the fitness world. In late 2014 he started his own YouTube channel. He later founded and became the CEO of AlphaCre8tivedesigns in July of 2012. [1]

Bradley is the founder of Zoo Culture Gym in Los Angeles, California, USA. He also has his own line of supplements called Origin Supplements. [11]


  • 2013 NPC USA Championships, 8th

  • 2013 NPC Phil Heath Classic, 1st

  • 2012 NPC USA Championships, 10th

  • 2011 NPC USA Championships, 2nd

  • 2011 NPC Southern California Championships, 1st


Bradley has had roles in a few films such as “Boo!

A Madea Halloween” (2016), “Boo 2!

A Madea Halloween” (2017) and "Coded Court" (2019).

He's also been on the television show “Caught” and “Caught the Series”.[22] When you think of your BIG goal, sometimes you start feeling overwhelmed.


Because big goals don’t get achieved right away.

Instead, you need to create mini goals to help excite you along the way.

This way you can be more goal-orientated and build a habit of being more effective.

Celebrating your small wins will help you stay motivated through your journey.

Plus, celebrating is always super fun.

Maybe you break your goal down to 10 small-sized goals with tasks that get you on track to achieve them.

For each of the 10 goals you can add a small celebration.

Maybe a glass of champagne for one or a dessert with a sparkler on top for another.

Don’t forget to check out some of our motivational quotes about success in a later section.

This goes back to the positive environment point: You need to be around others who are just as ambitious as you.

American entrepreneur John Rohn once said, “You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with it.”

And whether or not that’s true is debatable, the reality is being around the right kind of people can only help you grow.

If you’re surrounded by those who love your ambition, you’ll be more ambitious and achieve more.

If you’re surrounded by loved ones who tell you your goals are stupid and tell you to change them, you need to avoid them.

Be around those who help you feel comfortable being the ambitious, go-getter you are, so you can become the successful person you’re meant to be.

Personal Life

SteveWillDoIt pranks Bradley Martyn with custom Tesla Model X

SteveWillDoIt pranks Bradley Martyn with custom Tesla Model X

His father took his own life when Bradley was six years old.

On his Youtube channel, he posted videos of himself helping FouseyTUBE on a "Weight Loss Journey." [1]

SteveWillDoIt's Prank

In July 2020, SteveWillDoIt, a part of the popular NELK Boys group pranked Bradley Martyn with custom Tesla Model X. Steve revealed, in his latest upload, that he had surprised himself with a new Tesla Model X, ordering it to arrive outside of their home in Los Angeles, California.[25]

He revealed his new Tesla, which retails for around $85,000, and highlighted the red custom wrap with their NELK's 'Full Send' branding and designs all around the vehicle.

The hood of the car stood out the most as it surprisingly featured a supposed image of Bin Laden, though Bradley Martyn's face was digitally added to the wrap instead.[25]

Steve later took the car to Bradley Martyn to reveal his prank and, as expected, Martyn was not too happy with the design choice.

"Nah you gotta take this off, you gotta take it off, it's bad" he replied, stunned after realizing it was his face on the image.[25]

Gifting Assistant with a New Truck

In one of his vlogs in July 2020, Martyn revealed he was going to surprise one of his employees with a brand new truck.

Bradley explained that his assistant Steve was one of the first employees he brought on to work at his gym and revealed an elaborate plan to surprise him with the expensive birthday gift.[24]

After buying the Toyota Tacoma truck, Bradley shared he was going to have someone drive the Toyota truck into the middle of the gym and call Steve up to find out who it belonged to. Once Steve arrived at Zoo Culture, Bradley got him to investigate the security cameras and after leaving him puzzled for a short while, the fitness star surprised him with the keys. It was later revealed that the new Toyota was the latest model of his assistant's very first truck, one that he had apparently been driving since he was eighteen years old. [24]

The vlog later highlighted the difference between his old truck, which did not look to be in the best shape, compared to the new vehicle that the Zoo Culture owner had bought for his friend.[24]

Wrestling Match with Logan Paul

In August 2020, Bradley Martyn agreed to a wrestling match with Logan Paul. Martyn first interacted with Logan’s challenge by posting an eye emoji in response to his challenge - prompting Paul to declare him “A worthy opponent.” On August 13, 2020, Martyn posted on Twitter: "I wanna wrestle @LoganPaul ..for fun", Paul answered with a simple “Done”.[27]


Bradley practices intermittent fasting.

He won't eat for 16 hour blocks and then eat several large meals in an 8 hour period.

His favorite foods for building muscle are:

  • Salmon

  • Quinoa

  • Bell peppers

  • Greek yogurt

  • Almond butter

Workout Routine

Bradley works out every day without rest.

He doesn't go for max reps, instead he opts to sculpt lean muscle.

His weekly schedule looks something like this:

  • Monday – Legs/Calves

  • Tuesday – Shoulders and Tris

  • Wednesday – Chest and Bis/Calves

  • Thursday – Back

  • Friday- Rest (Or low-intensity cardio)

  • Saturday – Emphasis on Tris/Back

  • Sunday – Conditioning (pushing a sled, jumping rope, tire flips)


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