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Amina Blue

Amina Blue

Amina Blue is an American model who is best known for appearing in Kanye West's Yeezy Season. She is from New York City.

Early Life

Amina was born in Brooklyn to a German mother and Pakistani father who are now divorced. She describes her father as a "typical Muslim father who wanted their daughter to have an arranged marriage and be a stay-at-home wife." After he did not accept her tattoos or career path in modeling, Amina cut him off from her life. She has a close relationship with her mother and considers her her biggest influence and supporter in her life.

Career and Success

Amina appearing in Yeezy Season

Amina appearing in Yeezy Season

Growing up, Amina always knew that she wanted to be a model. Although she bolstered desirable measurements at 32''-18''-34'', people often discouraged her due to her height standing at 5'1'' and her tattoos. Amina first got her break at 19-year-old as a video vixen, appearing in videos for Fabolous, ASAP Ferg, and Rich Gang. In 2012, Amina was cast for Yeezy Season 1 which was a turning point in her career.

Along with Kanye, Amina has worked with legendary fashion editor Carine Roitfeld whom she considers a good friend. Today, Amina has her own female vegan fashion shoe line and garnered an impressive following on Instagram totaling over 555,000 followers.

Personal Life

Amina taking a Selfie

Amina taking a Selfie

Amina is a Vegan and animal rights activist and frequently posts about her views on the subject on her social media accounts. She is a Homebody and prefers to stay in rather than go out. She is the proud owner of 4 Pit bulls. Amina's older brother was a police officer who was killed in a motorcycle accident which caused her to grow up a little more since she lost someone who she considered her father figure. Amina has two other siblings, an older sister who is an orthodontist, and a younger brother who is a production assistant.


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