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** German(s)** may refer to:

  • The German language, mainly spoken in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

  • Something derived from or related to Germany Germans, an ethnic group A citizen of the Federal Republic of Germany, or any political predecessor (or part of it), under German nationality law

  • (* historically* ) Something derived from or related to Germania.

  • While now obsolete,

  • it is still found in old names, translations of Latin and Greek works, and similar material. Any

  • one of the original Germanic languages, including Proto-Germanic Any of the historical or modern Germanics


  • German (parish), on the Isle of Man

  • German (Republic of Macedonia)

  • German, Albania, a village in Tirana County, Albania

  • German, Bulgaria, a quarter of Sofia

  • German, Iran, a village in Semnan Province of Iran

  • German, New York, a town in the United States

  • German Township (disambiguation), any of several townships

  • Agios Germanos, in Greece


  • German (given name)

  • German (surname)

Mythological beings

  • German (mythology), a male spirit in the folklore of Serbia and Bulgaria

Other uses

  • German Shepherd, a breed of dog

  • Germans (band), a Canadian rock band

  • The German, another name for the cotillion, an 18th- and 19th-century social dance

  • The German, a 2008 short film

  • The Germans, an episode of* Fawlty Towers*

See also

  • Germane, a simple chemical compound of germanium and hydrogen

  • Germania, the Roman term for the geographical region in north-central Europe inhabited mainly by Germanic peoples

  • Germanic (disambiguation)

  • Germany (disambiguation)

  • Germanus (disambiguation)

  • Germen (disambiguation)

  • Germain (disambiguation)

  • Germaine (disambiguation)

  • Germantown (disambiguation)

  • Germen (disambiguation)


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