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Alligator attack and death of Lane Graves at Disney World 2016

Alligator attack and death of Lane Graves at Disney World 2016

The victim was Lane Graves, 2 years old and a male. He was killed by an alligator beside the Seven Seas Lagoon outside of Walt Disney World - Orlando, FL on June 14th of 2016. His parents were Matt Graves and Melissa Graves.

Matt Graves was wading with his two year old in a "no swimming" area which contained alligators.

The baby was attacked while the father was holding the baby, struggling to hold on.

However, the 7-8 foot alligator was too powerful to fend off.

The event is being compared to that of Michelle Gregg, who dropped her baby in Harambe The Gorilla's exhibit.

Since the incident, trappers have caught and killed 5 alligators, which they have dissected to look for remains.

At 4:30 PM EST, the Sheriff's office reported the recovery of Lane Graves' body, completely intact.

The Sheriff also said the investigation will continue to locate the alligator.

The family has established a Go Fund Me to help with funeral expenses.


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