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Afsar Moghadam

Afsar Moghadam

Afsar Moghadam (née Berdjis) is a peer counselor hailing from Kashan Iran.

She lives in Los Angeles, CA.


Moghadam works as peer counselor in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles.

She has been active since 2012.


She is also a freelance writer, having written for Shofar Magazine.



Moghadam received numerous awards for community advocacy and Domestic violence prevention, including a 2011 ceremony with Mayor Eric Garcetti.


Personal Life

She was married to Mansour Moghadam.

Her son [[LINK|lang_en|mahbod.moghadam|Mahbod

Moghadam]] is founder of Everipedia and former founder of Rap Genius. Her

daughter Mojgan Moghadam-Rahbar is an acclaimed Iranian-American media personality. Her

daughter Mastaneh Moghadam operates Iranian mental health programs and peer counseling. Mojgan

and Mastaneh also host a radio show on KIRN Radio 670 AM. Her

son Michael Mocadam is a pharmacist.

Afsar's granddaughter Sabba Rahbar is editor-in-chief of Cooking Panda.

Her grandson Daniel Rahbar is a student at UCLA.



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