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Mojgan Moghadam-Rahbar

Mojgan Moghadam-Rahbar

Mojgan Moghadam-Rahbar is former Editor-in-Chief of Shofar Magazine.

[6] She lives in Encino, CA.


Mojgan graduated from California State University, Northridge.



Mojgan's essay "Secrets" on the stigma of giving birth to daughters in the Iranian Jewish community was published in the anthology "The Flying Camel" in 2003.


Starting September 2016, Mojgan has a cooking show on PIF TV.


Rahbar formerly hosted a show on KIRN Radio 670 AM.


Personal Life

She is married to Farzin Rahbar, a Structural engineer at the firm of David C. Weiss, Structural Engineer & Associates, Inc. [3]

Her daughter Sabba Rahbar is Managing Editor of Cooking Panda.


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