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Willa Jonas

Willa Jonas

Willa Jonas (born July 22, 2020) is an American celebrity child of English actress Sophia Turner and American singer, song writer and actor Joe Jonas.[1][2]

Early Life

She was born on July 22, 2020 in Los Angeles, California She was born to her parents Sophia Turner and Joe Jonas. She was delivered at a private hospital in Los Angeles.[3][4]

Her parents announced her arrival through their representative.

Both Sophia and Joe named her Willa although they have not mentioned her middle name.

Sophia turner pregnancy was kept a secret before she recently gave birth to her beautiful daughter.

Family Life

Her father Joe Jonas became famous after he started a boy band "Jonas Brothers" along with his two brothers Nick Jonas and Kevin Jonas. They released their debut album in 2006 it is titled "Its about time".

Her mother Sophie Turner is a famous American actress and she is known for her role as Sansa Stark in the popular show "Game of Thrones". Her name Willa has foundation of old german culture. Her name means "resolute protection".

She is now the youngest member of the Jonas family.

Her uncle Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle Jonas have two kids “Alena Rose Jonas” and “Valentina Angelina Jonas”.

Her grandparents name are Paul Kevin Jonas, Sr. and Denise Miller-Jonas.

She has two more uncles named Nick Jonas and Frankie Jonas (actor).

Nick Jonas is married to Priyanka Chopra who is an Indian Actress and Singer.


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