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Wagyu Day

Wagyu Day

Sample Authentication Certificate

Sample Authentication Certificate

National Wagyu Day is held on June 21 of every year across the United States.[2] It was declared in the United States by Steve Haddadin, an avid Steak Connoisseur. This holiday corresponds to the National Steak Day that is dedicated on March 14th.[1][4]


Wagyu is a Japanese word that translates to cow and refers to one of the four Japanese beef cattle breeds. [1][5][8]


Wagyu beef is raised between 32 to 36 months, growing in the silent breeding fields away from all the noise that may cause stress. Previously there hasn’t been a day dedicated to Wagyu beef. [1][6][9]


In 2022, Haddadin, an avid steak connoisseur, dedicated June 21, his birthday, as the National Wagyu Day across the United States. On this day, Haddadin wants to educate the consumers about the specific cut of wagyu, its origin including how it’s raised, and the rigorous authentication process. [7]


The purpose of Wagyu Day is to expand the public’s accessibility to the Wagyu experience and their information on the authentication process. A user can authenticate the wagyu on their plate through the Japanese carcass verification bureau website, a user will be able to determine whether the Wagyu beef on their plate is genuine using the 10-digit cattle ID number on the certificate. A user who may not be able to read Japanese should use a google translate plug-in to navigate. When dining, you can request the chef to provide a copy of the authentication certificate to obtain the 10-digit cattle ID.[1][2][10][11]

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