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Vassilios Bitsas

Vassilios Bitsas

Vassilios Nikos Bitsas (born June 14, 1999) is an American businessman, leading hospitality entrepreneur and renowned social media and athlete insider. His company (Wealth Gardens) is recognized as one of the world’s most successful comapanies of viral media. He has over 3 years of event production and business development together with innovative media to create legendary experiences that move the needle for brands. This results in real business results, sales and success among the brands he chooses to partner with. Vassilios is the Excutive Vice President of the hugely successful company Wealth Gardens Entertainment, while working alongside influencers like Nate Robinson, Jake Paul, Logan Paul, Supreme Patty, Izadi, Mackenzie Sol, Lil Pump, and many more.


Vassilios Bitsas, or “V” as he is known, began life in snowy Buffalo, New York. Vassilios started a love for sports, media and business at a young age thanks to his parents James Bitsas (Father) and Melinda Sechowski (Mother). Vassilios career began when he connected with Polo Kerber [2] via Instagram, there he began his journey.

Social Media

Vassilios has currently 30+k followers on Instagram [1], following from his fame on vine when he hit over 3 million followers before the app was discounted by twitter.

Since then Vassilios has been managing, creating and working hands on with some of today's top Influences and celebrities.

Aside from Instagram and Vine, Vassilios has a great presence on the top video and streaming platforms YouTube and Twitch. Coming from channels on twitch as GamingWithVassilios (GamingWithV), Rejext Club [3], and managing Nate Robinsons[4] twitch account. As twitch is where he streams his gaming content, he relies on youtube for Vlogs and lifestyle videos.


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