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Van Lathan (born on April 16, 1980) [12] [15] is a correspondent at TMZ and host of The Red Pill Podcast. [5] [11]

On May 1, 2018, he gained notability for getting into an altercation with rapper Kanye West after West said slavery was a "choice" in a TMZ Live interview. [4]

Altercation with Kanye West

On May 1, 2018, Kanye West visited TMZ's headquarters. While being interviewed by Harvey Levin and Charles Latibeaudiere , he addressed his endorsement of Donald Trump , as well as his opinion of Black people suffering through 400 years of slavery in the United States being a "choice." [9]

Youtube Video
Van Lathan gets into a heated conversation Kanye West at TMZ

Later in the interview, after talking about the idea of being mentally imprisoned, Kanye West asked the people in the TMZ newsroom if they felt he was being and thinking free. Van Lathan stood up and told West that he believes what West is doing is "the absence of thought." [3]

After Van Lathan's expressed himself to Kanye West, he provided additional thoughts later that day on The Red Pill Podcast. He mentioned that he was disturbed and disappointed in Kanye West, particularly because he admires West's musical artistry but he believes that he supports people who are "hate mongers." [8]

Personal Life

Van Lathan was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana . [16] He currently resides in Los Angeles .

He graduated from college in 2003. [8]

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