Tyreil Jones

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Tyreil Jones (August 21, 1997) is an American entertainer and public speaker known for his brand of comedic videos which often features him dancing. [1] [2] [3] He is also a standup comedian who has traveled the country. [4] He is currently working with David Guetta and is also the lead in truTV's Laff Tracks. [23]

Tyreil Jones dancing inside of a fast-food restaurant.


Jones was born and raised in the state of Ohio for most of his younger life. He grew up in the city of Cincinnati for most of his life. [5]


Since he was a teenager he has taken to Social media to show his comedic skills as well as his ability to entertain people. [6] His YouTube and Instagram video have garner him thousands of followers and views. [7] [8]

Standup comedy

He has performed stand up comedy throughout several places around the country. [9] [10] In his hometown of Cincinnati, he has also performed at many of the cities top venues. [11] Such venue in Cincinnati he's performed at is Mad Frog. [12]

Photo of Tyreil Jones inside of a Rolls Royce that is posted on Facebook with the following message: "Money may not buy happiness, But it’s better to cry in a Rolls Royce."


Before Fame His first post to Instagram was in April of 2017. Starting out with modeling pictures, he began creating short monologues and dance videos that he would post to his account. [18]

He has made appearances at several red carpet events, in which he's remembered for Freak dancing with another woman in the middle of the red carpet for all the camera people to capture. [13] The woman then falls to the floor and ends up whacking Tyreil a few times upside the head. [14]

In his youtube videos, Jones is often seen performing goofy dance moves as part of a prank or moments of faux pas. [15]

Tyreil Jones waiting for a scheduled meeting inside of Warner Brothers headquarters.

Los Angeles

Jones moved to Los Angeles in 2017 where he has been involved in several productions involving sketch comedy and content creation as a way to expand his career as a comedian. [16]

Associated With He can be seen on his Instagram account with the cast of MTV's Ridiculousness, Rob Dyrdek, Chanel West Coast, and Steelo Brim. [17]


Tyreil is currently a part of truTV's Laff Tracks show. [24]


He is currently collaborating with David Guetta on new music. [25]

Personal Life

Before deciding to pursuit his dreams of being a comedian, he was a worker at Walmart. [18]

He has performed at several schools and has done both standup and public speaking. He has recently done a performance at Lennox School District [19]

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