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Tyler Eugene Macklin

Tyler Eugene Macklin

Tyler Eugene Macklin was a 21 year-old small-time drug-trafficker in the West Haven, Florida area.

According to a few reports, many of the people in his life claim that he was a helpful individual among the people he cared for.



Dylan Kindred (DK), one of the three members of the rap group involved in the murder of Tyler, was Facebook friends with Tyler, and the one who came up with the idea of robbing his house.


Waxx, Killa, and Dk headed out to Tyler's house, who is known among felons and hoodlums in the community as a small-time drug dealer.

DK was friends with him on Facebook and he conceived the idea of visiting his home with plans to rob him.


The scheme appeared like a good plan and they headed out to make a visit.

DK remained in the car.

The other two approached the home and broke into Tyler's house.

According to reports, it was (Waxx) who owned the handgun and the one who shot Tyler.


Brandon has previous arrests for grand theft, burglary, and violation of probation.

Brandon and Felix (Killa), his partner, are charged with first-degree murder, armed robbery, armed burglary, and conspiracy.


The motivation behind the murder was apparently to rob an ideal volume of cash necessary to flash at their live concert and music video.


Tyler allegedly pleaded for his life and according to a witness, expressed to the rappers to take the money: “Hey, you don’t have to do this, my wallet is right there".

But he was killed in cold blood.


Brandon and Felix are charged with first-degree murder, armed robbery, armed burglary, and conspiracy.

Kindred is charged with conspiracy to commit armed robbery, which Judd called a “placeholder charge.”


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