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Youtube Video
Blockchains as Authenticity Mechanisms with Trustory's Preethi Kasireddy | EDCON Toronto 2018

TruStory is a tokenized social network that uses incentives users to verify information. [8] [6]


TruStory is a platform that uses the collective knowledge of the crowd, combined with the right incentives and disincentives, to validate and curate a better reality — starting with the blockchain space. [7] [8]

TruStory mission is is to bring authenticity into the digital and decentralized world. TruStory's goal is to uses the power of token economics to create a more trustworthy reality and make community-driven validation tools readily accessible to anyone. [4]


Youtube Video
Keynote: Preethi Kasireddy, Founder & CEO, TruStory in conversation with Jim Zemlin

Preethi Kasireddy is the Founder and CEO of TruStory. She was previously a Software Engineer at Coinbase and a Partner at Andreessen Horowitz. Shane Vitarana is Trustory's Head of Engineering. Ted Piotrowski and Aamir Latif are also Software Engineers at the company. Daniel Kuh is a Product Designer at TruStory. Payal Maniar is a Finance & Operations Lead at TruStory. Priyatham Vennapusa, serves as the company's Head of Content & Community. Rushi Shah is a Growth Analyst at the company. TruStory's board of advisors include Zaki Manian, the Head of Tendermint Labs, and Steve Jang, the Founder and Managing Director of Kindred Ventures. [4]


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