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Tafia (30 years of age) is a native of Haitian-American North Miami, Florida. He is a rapper, songwriter and Creative director. He understands the necessity of grinding within the music industry and this reflects in His new EP “Street Fanci 3" an 11 song project, featuring his popular single “Uber Me”.[1]

Early Life

Tafia is the son of Haitian immigrants, both parents were originally from Haiti, but migrated to North Miami, Florida. His stage name "Tafia" originates from his native language meaning "rum".

Criminal Record

Tafia was jailed for 7 years at the age of 18 in 2008, after he was caught robbing 2 guys for $50,000.

He was released from prison in 2014 after which he was on probation for 3 years.[2]



Tafia has dropped six mix tapes within three years, he mastered his skills as a songwriter alongside practicing his raps and creating his own beats through beat boxing.

His motivation comes from what he has been through; "I’ve been fighting all my life. Fighting for peace and true happiness and not having to struggle anymore. My happiness usually only lasts for a couple days at a time."

Tafia has built genuine relations among the elite including Da Baby, Zoey Dollaz, Meek Millz, Fat Joe, and Swaelee. The time he spent away locked up from the world has strengthened his storytelling lyrics; becoming influential, relate-able and inspiring to his loyal following.

Recently, Meek Mill signed him up into the Dream Chaser Record Label[3]



  • Street Fanci 3 released year 2020 under the Dreamchasers record label

  • King Ape released April 2019, Tafia Label

  • Love Me While I'm Alive released December 2018, Buss Dwn Ent.

  • Label

  • Street Fanci 2 released June 2018, Buss Dwn Ent.

  • Label

  • The Federal released February 2018, Tafia record label

  • Grolli Drippin released February 2017, Tafia Label


  • Free Smoke released 2018

  • Ran Thru (Dream Chaser Records)

  • Checkmate (Dream Chaser Records)

  • Street Fanci released 2017

Tafia has also featured in Check by BigZayMiami, On My Life by Bianca Bonnie and Vibez by Flawless.[4] Songs by Tafia can be downloaded on various sites like Spotify, Tidal (service), Ganaa, Napster, My Mixtapez.[5] He engages his fans on social media platforms like Twitter (@Tafia_official)[6] and Instagram


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