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Smooky MarGielaa

Smooky MarGielaa

Smooky MarGielaa is an American Rapper from the Bronx.

[3]He is known for his songs "Stay 100," "Diamonds" and "Out My Face."

[0]Smooky is affiliated with ASAP Mob.



Smooky grew up in the Bronx and is from a musical family.

His father is the famous Malian musician Abdoulaye Diabaté and his cousin Sidiki Diabte is a popular musician in Africa.

When he was 8-years-old, he toured with his father in France and Europe and played an instrument similar to a wooden xylophone called a balafon and would open up for him.


Smooky chose his moniker after a Facebook name he made up when he was 13-years-old.

[10]His favorite pair of shoes are Margielas.

Smooky's influences include Chief Keef, Michael Jackson, Speaker Knockerz, ASAP Rocky, Lil Durk.


He started rapping when he was around 10-years-old and would rap on Garage band on his phone.

He credits releasing videos for helping him garner buzz.


Smooky met ASAP Rocky outside a club.

At the beginning of the night, the club had an event for teens, but kicked everyone out at midnight in order to serve drinks and let in older patrons.

Smooky and his friends were plotting how to sneak back into the club, when ASAP Rocky and his crew pulled up in an SUV.

When Rocky was walking into the club, Smooky went up to him and introduced himself.

Rocky complimented Smooky on his Margielas and took a picture with him and his friends.

After Rocky walked in, Smooky found a way to sneak through the back door and ended up performing on stage in front of Rocky.

[10]Smooky would later sign to ASAP MOB.



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