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Photo Sarah Louise McGill posted under her alias Sophia Belle [9]

Sarah Louise McGill is a resident of Edinburgh, Scotland ​ who also goes by the alias Sophia Belle. In April 2018 she was arrested for having sex with a 14-year-old boy for $480 in Orlando, Florida ​. [2] [3]



Sarah Louise McGill is a professional clinical hypnotherapist ​ who runs her own business in Edinburgh, Scotland ​. The business is located on St Colme Street in the New Town neighborhood. [2] [15]

The service offers to help with phobias ​, stress, confidence ​ levels and weight loss ​. The Sarah McGill Therapy website says: “I offer a caring and confidential service for my clients and ensure absolute privacy and anonymity at all times. If you have any particular concerns I’ll happily put your mind at rest.” [16]


Photo of Sarah McGill's buttocks and legs​​ [15]

Sarah Louise McGill is also allegedly a prostitute ​ who advertised her services on several websites including her own website and Quora. [4]

McGill has claimed to have visited clients in Hong Kong ​, Singapore ​, the United States ​ and Europe ​. According to her website, she charges £550 ($780) for a drinks date, £1200 ($1700) for a nine-hour daytime rendezvous and £2000 ($2800) for a luxury overnight stay. [15]

McGill lists her bra measurements as 34B, dress size 6-8 and says she offers the “perfect girlfriend experience”. [15]

On her website, McGill also boasts about her Edinburgh roots. [15]

She says: “If you are into accents, with my slight, sweet sexy Scottish accent, I am guaranteed to set your pulse racing”. [15]

Sarah Louise McGill posing in lingerie [15]

She later adds: “I am a vibrant young woman, elegant and charming, nature has endowed me a sublime body that I am pleased to parade in the finest clothes. [15]

“Behind a face with fine features, imagine me a bit mischievous, adventurous, curious and libertine. [15]

“With me you can live the fantasy, feel the romance, build a long-term friendship and perhaps chase a dream you forgot you ever had. [15]

“My slender figure, majestic and alluring gives me a natural grace, as an invitation to caress, hug and kiss.” [15]

At the time of her arrest, McGill’s Sophia Belle schedule confirmed she was in Orlando – due to leave on April 9. [15]

In April 2018 Sarah Louise McGill was arrested for having sex with a 14-year-old boy in exchange for $480 at a hotel in Orlando, Florida. [6]

On Monday, April 9, 2018 she was charged with lewd or lascivious battery and was freed from Orange County Jail on bail of $1000. [6] [15] ​ McGill was also ordered to turn over her UK passport to make sure she stays in Florida. [2]

The Orlando teen said he was searching, and found Sophia Belle — later identified as Sarah Louise McGill by her UK passport ​, according to her arrest report. [2]

Orange County police said the teen and McGill began to text and met in person at a Marriott hotel ​, where he paid her $480 for sexual intercourse ​, in a mix of $50 and $20 dollar bills. [2]

After speaking with the boy and his father, cops went to the same fourth-floor hotel room on Saturday and found McGill there with another man, they said. [2]

The room’s safe was allegedly filled with cash ​, condoms and used condom wrappers, according to the arrest report. [2]

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