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Sara Moni

Sara Moni

Sara Moni is an American Cosplayer based in Phoenix, Arizona. [undefined]

Life and Career

Moni grew up in Phoenix and as a child had a fascination with comic books and sci-fi.

[1] In high school, she started sewing together her first T-Shirts, which would become an introduction into creating cosplay outfits.

[undefined] In her youth, she did not celebrate Halloween and would compensate for it by dressing up every opportunity she had.


Moni started cosplaying full-time in 2010 and would attend various conventions and events.

In 2012, she was discovered at one convention by the Arizona Avengers.

She soon joined them and would attend different community events and charities.

[undefined] In addition to cosplaying, Moni is a supporter of the second amendment and has appeared on several gun magazines and publications.

[undefined] As of September 2017, Mini had nearly 30K followers on Instagram, over 2K followers on Twitter, and over 60K likes on Facebook. [undefined] [undefined] [undefined]


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