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Sam John Pottorff (born on October 19, 1995) [0] ​ is a social media ​ personality, with large followings on Twitter ​, Snapchat ​, YouTube ​, and Vine. He was a member of the popular web star group our2ndlife alongside Kian Lawley ​, Ricky Dillon ​, JC Caylen ​, Trevor Moran ​ and Connor Franta ​ before they broke up in December 2014.


Early Life

Youtube Video
Sam Pottorff's "Draw My Life" video

Sam Pottorff grew up in San Clemente ​. He recalls living in a small house and sharing a bed with his two older sisters. When he was 5 years old, he learned that he has diabetes ​. For most of his life, he was home schooled and did not do well academically. [9]

His family eventually moved across town, where he met his best friend: Kian Lawley. He developed different hobbies along the way, including photography, making music videos, and surfing.

His parents got divorced and his mother, Leslie, got custody of the kids. Later on, she went to Germany, leaving Sam and his sisters behind. [9] ​ This led Sam to a life of depression, where he went to parties and starting drinking and smoking at an early age. [9]

He attended the independent study school Opportunities For Learning in Dana Point, California. He was bullied and eventually got tired of school and dropped out. [7]


Youtube Video
25 FACTS ABOUT ME | Sam Pottorff

In 2013, when he was about 14 years old, Sam started making videos on YouTube ​. He often posted them with his best friend, Kian Lawley ​. [7] [9]

Within 6 months, they reached 1,000 subscribers. [9] ​ 6 months after that, they reached 10,000 subscribers. [9]

After 3 years of being best friends, the duo went to VidCon ​, an online video conference for YouTubers ​. They could not afford a room on their own, so they reached out to other people to see if they were willing to split one. This led them to meet Ricky Dillon ​, JC Caylen ​, Trevor Moran Connor Franta ​, and Ricardo Oridires .

Youtube Video
O2L (full movie trailer)

Shortly after meeting and sharing a room together, the group of seven formed O2L (short for "Our 2nd Life") in August 2012. They gained a lot of popularity, making videos together, going on tour, and even created a documentary about their experience as a group. [10]

After reaching 3 million subscribers, on December 29, 2014, O2L ended. The posted video was uploaded on under the name "This Is Not Goodbye." [11]

Personal Life

Pottorff has two older sisters named Mia and Cloe and a younger brother named Levi. He is part Turkish from his father's side; his father's name is also Sam. [2] [9]

He once dated Jessica Carbo ​. [0]

On February 24, 2016, Sam met Rosa Van Iterson . Roughly one week later, they officially became boyfriend and girlfriend while on a date in Laguna Beach ​. He announced that he and Rosa were engaged on September 5 of that year.

Youtube Video
Sam and Rosa's wedding (video)

On March 4, 2017, on the one-year anniversary of their first day as a couple, Sam got married in Rosa's hometown in Holland ​. [9]

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