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Sahara Ray

Sahara Ray

Sahara Ray (born March 10, 1993) is an Australian model and Instagram celebrities with 1.2 million followers. She has her own Swimsuit t line with VNTG Supply Co.

Early Life And Career

Sahara was born in Torquay, Australia and grew up in Santa Cruz, California. She moved around Santa Cruz and Hawaii a lot during her childhood. Her father r and mother were a professional surfers and they taught Sahara to surf early on in life at the age of three. At the age of 16, Sahara used to compete in the surfing competitions.

After her graduation from her high school, Sahara moved to Los Angeles to pursue her love of fashion and photography. She took admission at Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. She is signed to One Management Models and loves posting about her work and travels.

Personal Life

Her father is big wave surfer Tony Ray and her mother is also a surfer.

She had a brief relationship with Cody Simpson in 2015 and started dating Justin Bieber in 2016 and they vacationed at Hawaii together in August during the same year. She currently resides in Long Beach.


She has two tattoos on her body.

She loves Punk and Rock music.

Her favorite bands are The Shins, Slayer, The Doors, Iron Maiden, The Cure, The Black Keys, and The Offspring. Her favourite movies are Vicky Christina Barcelona, Gia and Pulp Fiction. She loves traveling around the world.


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