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Ryan Bundy

Ryan Bundy

Ryan Bundy, 43, is another of Cliven Bundy's 14 children. He has a long history of legal troubles in Utah dating back 10 years, including an alleged clash with courthouse bailiffs last year in which he was arrested.

Bundy and his wife, Angie, have eight children, a family portrait posted on Facebook shows.

They live in Cedar City, Utah, and Bunkerville, Nevada, and run a melon business.

Ryan Bundy vocally supported his father during the standoff in Nevada.

He also spoke at a 2014 protest of restriction on off-road vehicles in Recapture Canyon, an area of southeastern Utah run by the Bureau of Land Management.

The protestdrew 40 to 50 supporters, some of whom had been at the Nevada standoff.

The Salt Lake Tribune described Ryan Bundy as shouting down one of the event's oraganizers who appeared to get cold feet about driving ATVs near protected archaeological sites.


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