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Reid Hailey

Reid Hailey

Reid Hailey is an American entrepreneur, content creator, and meme lord based in Atlanta. He is the Founder of Doing Things Media which is behind a number of prominent Instagram meme accounts such as Shitheadsteve, drunkpeopledoingthings, animalsdoingthings, and more.


Hailey was born and raised in Atlanta.

He started sharing memes on social media in early 2015 using the account Shitheadsteve.

The Shitheadsteve Instagram account was started before the Facebook page. As of July 2018, Hailey's network of Instagram accounts reached collectively 14 million followers.

Alongside Derek Lucas, Hailey founded Doing Things Media in 2017 and hosts a number of meme accounts as well as an extensive viral video collection.

Doing Things has an owned viral video library of 30,000+ viral videos that are used by shows such as MTV's Ridiculousness, and reaches a TV audience with their Nat Geo WILD show, Howie Mandel’s Animals Doing Things in which Hailey is an Executive Producer of.

In the past, Doing Things Media has partnered with Netflix, Comedy Central, MTV, Atlantic Records, Hinge, Tinder, and OkCupid.[1]


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