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Rajeev Agarwal is the author of two books and CEO of MAQ Software. [3] [4]


Rajeev started MAQ Software in Redmond, WA in March 2000. Within three months, the company opened a software development facility in Mumbai, India. [5] He is credited with creating one of the first software startups in the Seattle region to utilize an international workforce for 24 hour operation. [6]

Rajeev has implemented major growth and learning initiatives while CEO at MAQ Software. [19] [18] Under his leadership, the company has been listed by Inc. magazine nine times as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States ―a feat only 1% of companies listed on the Inc. 5000 have achieved. [7]

Education & Early Career

Rajeev completed his B. Tech. degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1986 from IIT Kharagpur. He went on to complete his Master’s in Engineering from Iowa State University. In 1993, he completed his MBA from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. [15] After completing his MBA, he worked for Microsoft Corporation in Redmond, Washington for nearly seven years in the Visual C++, Windows, and Exchange product management groups. [17] [3]

Publications & Press

In 2013, Rajeev authored his first book, ''What I Did Not Learn At IIT: Transitioning from Campus to Workplace.'' [8] The book was aimed at helping new graduates in India transition to their first jobs. [9] Reviews were positive. [10] [11] With over 25,000 printed copies in circulation worldwide, the book was recognized as a National Bestseller and reissued by Penguin Random House in August 2017. [25]

Penguin Random House published Rajeev's second book ''What I Did Not Learn in B School: Insights for New Managers'' in 2017. [13] [14] Outlook Money wrote, "This book has all the necessary ingredients for a good read for those aspiring for an MBA". [20]

Rajeev's article "Why Do Some Companies Grow Consistently, While Others Struggle" was published in the December 2017 issue of Entrepreneur magazine. [18] He has been featured on the front page of The Seattle Times and has been quoted in pieces by Inc., BBC News, Puget Sound Business Journal, Businessworld, and Business Standard. [6] [7] [23] [5] [14] [24]

Philanthropic Work

Rajeev is active in many educational, philanthropic, and community improvement efforts. Rajeev set up the Foundation for Excellence to build classrooms and provide furniture, blackboards, science lab equipment, and drinking water to over 25,000 students in India.

Efforts to reduce abject poverty in India are hampered by the 65% female literacy rate. Because 200 million people cannot read or write, Rajeev has partnered with Pratham and Ekal, two of the largest education non-profits in India. Realizing that artificial intelligence can improve learning outcomes, Rajeev is working with these NGOs to adopt mobile-based apps. One such initiative is working with the Global Learning XPRIZE team to bring winning solutions to the Indian subcontinent. Rajeev and MAQ Software are adopting XPRIZE solutions tested in Africa for India through MAQ Software's technology expertise.

Personal Life

Rajeev was born in Shahjahanpur in Uttar Pradesh. [15] His father is an attorney, and his mother was a teacher. [17] He currently resides in Bellevue, Washington with his wife Arpita. [15]

Awards & Recognition

In 2010, Rajeev was a finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award . [21] [22]
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