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Radek Szulga

Radek Szulga

Radek Szulga is an Associate Professor of Economics at Lyon College in Batesville, Arkansas, United States and a Wikipedian. [1]

In September 2009 he was exposed by WikiLeaks to be a member of the Wikipediametric Mailing List (or Eastern European Mailing List - EEML) with the username Radekzs. [undefined] [undefined] Szulga continues to edit Wikipedia with the username Volunteer Marek. [undefined] Szulga has been accused by Wikispooks of leading a cabal that is gaming the system of Wikipedia with Iryna Harpy and others. Szulga has been awarded the highest level grade (5 - outright/blatant) in Wikipedia system gaming. [undefined]

In 2019, Haaretz journalist Omer Benjakob reported that Szulga (Volunteer Marek) is part of a far-right group of nationalist Polish editors who systematically rewrite The Holocaust history. Szulga downplays anti-Jewish violence by Poles, and has even accused Jews of violence against Poles. For instance in the Radzilow article, Szulga maintained that "Jewish militiamen" helped "to send Polish families into exile".[5]


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