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Prospectors (Game)

Prospectors (Game)

Prospectors [6] is a Massive Multiplayer Online Real-Time Economic Strategy (MMORTES) game powered by the EOS blockchain. The game takes place in the 19th century in a frontier setting. Prospectors launched in June 2019 and was created in Ukraine. [4]

Players move 'Workers' around the world performing various gathering and crafting tasks focussed around the theme of mining.

There is an active market for materials, tools and labour with the ultimate goal to earn in-game gold which is convertable to PGL-Prospectors Gold (cryptocurrency) tokens on the EOS mainnet.

Players can log in to the game with their EOS account name or with Scatter. (tutorial academy here[6]). starting on December 4, 2019. the team of prospectors developers launched their second game server on the WAX chain.


Whilst there is in-game chat, most of the community discussion takes place in the Telegram group[8].


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