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Pete A. Turner is a US Army Veteran. He served in Bosnia as part of operation, Iron Joint Endeavor in 1996. Beyond his time in Bosnia-Herzegovina, he has served as a civilian advisor in, Iraq War (2004-6, 2008-10), Operation New Dawn (Iraq 2010-11 ), Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan 2011-12) and Egypt. His vast operational experience includes 70+ months in combat zones and over 1000 combat missions. During his Army career, he played an instrumental role in the U.S. Army training counterintelligence agents and HUMINT soldiers.

He's a recognized expert in leveraging culture to create more efficient interacting with different groups. He's a combat veteran and former Army spy. He's worked to help Dept of State, Dept of Defense and host nation leaders leverage culture. [19] Besides having a mentorship role and counterintelligence analyst position, he was also a prominent figure in re-shaping command emphasis for units deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. He's worked to improve cultural effectiveness in the interaction between American and Iraqi agents. He became a commendable cultural expert in the U.S. Army's Human Terrain System program. [1]

In 2012, he co-founded CULTRASEC with research partner, Dr. Richard Ledet. CULTRASEC is a firm that focuses on enabling organizations to better create, measure and leverage culture. Dr. Ledet and Mr. Turner have leveraged their experience working in conflicted regions to develop a powerful base of knowledge that allows Mr. Turner to be considered an industry leading influencer as a Cultural expert. He has co-authored a number of papers with Dr. Ledet and a number of contributing co-authors.

He also frequently writes for a number of sites including his own page, ZenPundit, Small Wars Journal and frequently on LinkedIn.

On June 2014, Pete became a senior analyst for Wikistrat. [1]

He also was a radio talk show host for, and also has podcasts of his own. [1] He and Jon Leon Guerrero co-host the podcast the Break It Down Show [8], which features interesting people doing fascinating things. A partial list of BIDS show guests include; Sly Stone, Jay Mohr, Mick Betancourt, Mic Gillette, Felton Pilate, Jay Lamm, LTG Dan Bolger, Ty Vaughn from Monsanto, Dres from Black Sheep, DeVone Boggan of Advance Peace and Zack Ward from "A Christmas Story." And, he is also the co-host along with Sandra Ponce de Leon, of Popping The Bubbl , a tech-culture talk-show that brings in entrepreneurs and notable tech insiders. [7]

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