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Jon Leon Guerrero

Jon Leon Guerrero

Jon Leon Guerrero is an audio and video content creator, and the executive producer and host of the podcast, Break It Down Show, along with Pete A. Turner. The podcast features conversations with accomplished guests in the fields of music, cinema, comedy, literature, public policy, warfare, sports, self-improvement, and other intellectual pursuits.

Past guests are numerous, and include athletes Jonny Moseley, Laird Hamilton, Gabrielle Reece, and John Salley; authors Rob Bell, James Altucher, and Sebastian Junger; filmmakers Billy Corben, Rory Kennedy, and Mark Pellington), comedians Greg Proops and Jay Mohr, and musicians Sly Stone, Stewart Copeland, and Taylor Dayne, with most conversations centered on the preparations and processes that led to each performer's success in their field.

Leon Guerrero (or LG, an abbreviation by which many Leon Guerreros come to be known) was born on Guam on November 29, 1969. His parents moved their family to Vallejo, California in 1975. He has, while working in a variety of locations around the United States, maintained his primary residence in the San Francisco Bay Area ever since.

As a child in racially diverse and culturally rich Vallejo, LG discovered and developed an interest in the performing arts, especially music.

This was a popular pursuit in the area, which had previously given rise to artists including Johnny Otis, Sly and the Family Stone, and Con Funk Shun, but was especially prominent at Hogan High School, which was at that time attended by the likes of E-40, Baby Bash, and Mac Dre. Starting his musical endeavors as a drummer and percussionist, he later became a DJ specializing in funk and hip hop in venues all around the Bay Area, eventually landing at KZCT (Ozcat Radio), where he became known for eclectic musical sets and interviews that leaned on social commentary.

LG led a concurrent professional life in business development, marketing, and personnel development in the fields of design and construction, financial services, and senior living.

His interviewing technique was informed by his years spent as a licensed private investigator, which often placed him in situations that required him to glean information from resistant sources.

He has most recently partnered with Jerry Bull to form DynaSec Protection, which currently provides tech executives, venture capital firms, and other businesses in the Bay Area with discrete protective services.

His association with Jerry Bull had germinated years prior in a philanthropic mission, when they, along with LG's brother Joshua, combined their shared passion for martial arts with their desire to create positive influence in their community in the founding of Black Dragon Kenpo Youth Organization.

Recognized in 1998 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, BDKYO introduced over 2,100 at-risk teens and kids to martial arts training at no charge as a way to learn discipline, foster physical fitness and personal achievement, and avoid the temptations of drugs and criminal behavior. The organization, in its 16-year span, gave a route to scores of young people to experience accomplishment, travel, and independence, and learn communication, self-expression, and healthy conflict resolution by respected mentors in a safely supervised setting.

He continues to produce and host the Break It Down Show with Pete A. Turner. The two are partners in Lion's Rock Productions, which has three other series in development.

He has raised two sons, and he and his wife still live in the Bay Area.


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