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Oliver Mears is a​ student at St Hugh's College ​ at Oxford University ​. In January, 2018 he was cleared of a rape ​ charge after spending two years on bail when prosecutors failed to provide any evidence against him. [2]

Early Life

Photo of Oliver Mears with fellow St Hugh's College Chemistry students

Oliver Mears is originally from Horley, Surrey, England [3] ​. He attended Holy Trinity School, Crawley ​ for high school ​. [4] ​​


Oliver Mears is a Chemistry ​ student at St Hugh's College ​, one of the constituent colleges at Oxford University ​. He was forced to take time away from school due to the stress caused by the investigation against him. [3]

In the Media

On Thursday, January 18, 2018 Oliver Mears was cleared of a rape charge after the Crown Prosecution Service ​ failed to provide any evidence against him. [2]

Oliver Mears was told he was to be found not guilty following a review of evidence just days before he was due to go on trial. [2] ​ The Judge said there had been inexplicable delays with the case hanging over the defendant’s head for two years. [8]

New evidence in the form of a diary had come to light which had lead to the collapse of the case. [8]

The Crown Prosecution Service said it decided to offer no evidence against Mr Mears after reviewing evidence handed to them by Surrey Police ​, some of which was only received last week. A police spokeswoman told the Times prosecutors decided to discontinue the trial “for a number of reasons”. [2]

The collapse of the rape charge against Oliver Mears happened soon after the Metropolitan Police ​ has ordered a review of all its investigations into rape and serious sexual assault ​ following the collapsed trials of Liam Allan, and Isaac Itiary. A third case against Samson Makele was also halted at Snaresbrook Crown Court ​ on Monday after his defense team unearthed key images from his mobile phone which had not previously been made available, law firm Hodge Jones and Allen said. [2]

Oliver Mears was arrested weeks after his 17th birthday and accused of raping and indecently assaulting a woman in July 2015. He was charged last June. He reportedly left St Hugh’s College because of stress. [2]

H is lawyers complained of a failure to disclose evidence, including social media ​ material, which they believed may have proved his innocence. His trial was due to start on Monday at Guildford Crown Court, but his hearing was brought forward to Thursday morning. [2]

Lawyers asked for the case to be dropped hours after Alison Saunders ​, the Director of Public Prosecutions ​, said photographs and social media accounts do not necessarily need to be fully checked in rape cases. She insisted she does not believe anyone is in jail after being wrongly convicted because of failures to disclose evidence. She told BBC Radio 4 ​’s Today program: “The police obligation is to pursue all reasonable lines of enquiry. That doesn’t mean going into every single avenue of your life.” Ms Saunders met senior police officers and barristers on Thursday to discuss concerns that vital material is not being disclosed. [2]

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