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Michael Dapaah (August 10th, 1991) is a British producer ​, writer ​, Comedian ​ and actor ​ known for his alter-ego, Big Shaq ​, a rap personality that went viral after being in the BBC Radio ​ series, "Fire In The Booth". [1] [2]


Photo of Michael Dapaah in London ​.

Early Life

Born and raised London ​, he grew up in the suburb of Croydon ​ to a Ghanaian ​ mother and father. His father is a Doctor ​ named Joseph Dapaah. He has two siblings, a younger brother and an older sister. [3]

Ever since he was a younger kid, he enjoyed watching Mockumentary ​ series such as The Office, Ali G ​, and Little Britain. [4] ​ He learned to appreciate the freedom of doing Guerrilla ​-style shoots - particularly the way that Sacha Baron Cohen ​ did it with Borat ​. [5]


After graduating from secondary school, he attended and graduated from Brunel University London ​ where he received his Bachelor's ​ degree in Theatre arts ​ and Acting ​. He graduated in 2014. [6]


While at University, he became a motivational speaker where he traveled all over the United Kingom ​ giving talks. He has since become a producer and content creator of his own material. [21]

Youtube Video
The YouTube ​ playlist of "Somewhere in London" episodes - a show produced, directed and starring Michael Dapaah. g


Michael is a Filmmaker, Writer ​ and Comedian ​ best known as the creator and star of the YouTube mockumentary series Somewhere in London, which is usually stylized with the hashtag, #SWIL. The series, which airs on his self-titled channel, has won over a fan base of more than 68k subscribers. [7]

He plays a number of characters such as Dr Ofori, Quakez, Patrick, Shaq and Roger, to name a few. Most of the characters have been in videos that have since all become viral creations of Michael Dapaah, which has helped him accumulate over 5 million views across more than 60 videos on his Instagram page in 2017. [8] [9]

Viral Fame

On February 12, 2017, Michael Dapaah reached a 10,000 mark. A month later, that number stood at 20,000, and now, lurks around 405K followers. One factor in play here is the presence of #SWIL, short for ‘#SomewhereInLondon’, a space in which his viral Instagram ​ clips manifested into something much more. [10] [11]

Big Shaq

Youtube Video
The video where Michael Dapaah plays the character of Big Shack doing a freestyle for BBC Radio ​ that went viral.

In Early September, 2017, Big Shaq did a freestyle for the BBC Radio ​ titled "Man's Not Hot", which went viral on the Internet ​. The song became a quotable Meme ​ in England for the words: [12]

"Da Ting! skrrra pap pap ka ka ka skidiki pap pap and a pu pu drrrr boom SKYAAA du du ku ku tun tun poom poom" [13]

The character of Big Shaq has since begotten a large following on the Social media ​ of Michael. [14] [15]

Personal Life

He has big sister who owns a hair salon in London ​. [16]

He is a good friend of the rapper, Stormzy ​. [17]

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