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Meme Magic

Meme Magic

Rare Pepe channeling Meme Magic

Rare Pepe channeling Meme Magic

Meme magic is a term to describe the power of internet meme has on the fabric of reality.

[12] Interpretations of Meme Magic have ranged from pragmatic use to esoteric dogma and a new form of Chaos Magick.


Tech entrepreneur Palmer Luckey said that meme magic is real and "We’ve proven that shitposting is powerful.”



The term meme magic was coined on the imageboard 8chan and soon after gained popularity on 4chan /pol/ board as well.


Coinciding Development of Technopaganism and the Internet

Buddha Pepe

Buddha Pepe


The origins of meme magic can be traced back to the earliest days in the development of the computer.

Wiccan Computer Buff Sarah Reed recounts that the development of Silicon Valley and the revitalization of pre-Christian Wiccan practices took place simultaneously in the 1960s in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The 'cyberdelic' culture that sprung from this caused two different revolutions, with Haight Street becoming ground zero for the counterculture movement and Silicon Valley becoming the breeding ground for the internet to develop.


The connection between Wiccans/neopagans that began to incubate in the 1960s would mature into the 1990s when they would become forever bound to each other.

These 'Technopagans' were the first spiritual movement to utilize the internet not only to discuss rituals and trade ideas, but use the computer as the central tool to conduct magic In 1994, Douglas Rushkoff stated that “the neopagan revival incorporates ancient and modern skills in free-for-all sampling of whatever works, making no distinction between occult magic and high technology”[-1]

Wiccans openly profess to the relationship between magic and the computer culture.

An urban neopagan witch named Green Fire told Rushkoff that "High technology and high magic are the same thing.

They both use tools from inner resources and outer resources.

Magic from the ancient past and technology from the future are really both one.

That is how we are creating the present; we're speeding up things, we are quickening our energies; time and space are not as rigid as they used to be...Those of us who know how to work through time and space are using our abilities to bend time and space into a reality that will benefit people the most....

We humans are all shape-shifters.

We just learn to access our DNA codes.

It's very computer-oriented.

We are computers; our minds are computers, our little cells are computers.

We are bio-organic computers..."[4]

In addition, according to one Chaos Magic group, the Templum Nigri Solis, declares that this new kind of 'cyber shamanism' can reboot our innate magical software.

They state that "[W]e now inhabit a cyber age, where information and technology are easily


This is the mirror of the Shamanic age, when knowledge was free to those who wished to reach out and interface with it directly....

We still have the neurological hardware that caused bushes to burn and dragons to walk the earth, and there is a new magical technology that allows us to reboot it.

This is Chaos Magic....

This new technology brings the Magicians the realization that everything is possible."


Practice of Chaos Magick in Cyberspace

Chaos Magick was accidently discovered by 4chaners in 2015 when several users noticed correlations between memes and actual events.

[12]Yet, the most powerful instance of it being used was the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States.

Donald Trump (See Cult of Kek for more information)

In 2015, Donald Trump became the unofficial candidate of the /pol/ message board on 4chan due to his politically incorrect rhetoric.

One of the most popular memes on the board was Pepe the Frog and naturally, the two figures became inseparable from each other.

The constant memeing of Trump and Pepe is believed by the adherents of the Cult of Kek to have awaken Kek (mythology), the ancient Egyptian deity that represents Chaos and Darkness.

They believe that Kek was communicating with them through GETs, which are numerical stamps ending in repeating numbers on 4chan posts.

GETs are seen as a good omen within the 4chan community.


Furthermore, one of the core tenants of magic is 'As I imagine, so I become.'[4]A Sigil is a pictorial representation of the desired outcome while the advanced form of that when multiple people participate is a hypersigil.

[9]This can also be viewed as an Egregore, a collective hive-mind thought form that when focused enough, becomes reality.

[5]In the case of Donald Trump, the hypersigil that was formed was Hillary Clinton losing the presidency due to her alleged corruption that was spoken often about on /pol/ and Trump winning against the odds.

[9]Trump winning the election caused much discussion on social media about the extent of the power of meme magic.



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