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Lisa Marie Naegle is a nurse and former reality television contestant from San Pedro in Los Angeles, California. [1]

Personal Life

Lisa Marie Naegle lives with her husband Derrick Harryman who works as a vessel operations superintendent at SSA Marine at the Port of Los Angeles. [1] [3]


In 2010, Lisa Marie Naegle finished 4th on E! network reality television show Bridalplasty. The followed brides to be living together in a mansion while competing to when their dream wedding and plastic surgery. [1]

Lisa Marie Naegle currently works as a nurse practitioner at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center. She also teaches classes at County Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. Lisa Marie previously worked at the Bell Gardens Family Medical Center and Wellskin. [2]



On December 28, 2016 Lisa Marie went missing after going to friend's birthday party at the Alpine Village Restaurant in Torrance, California in the southwestern part of Los Angeles. They were told Naegle was last seen leaving the Alpine Village parking lot in a black SUV or truck early Sunday morning. [4] She was last seen wearing a black skirt, top, tights and shoes or boots. She was also wearing a cream color skirt.

Her husband Derrick Harryman said he called his wife repeatedly to no avail. He has attempted to hack into her Apple devices to try to activate her Find My iPhone app to try to locate her. She did not drive because her car remains at home.

Harryman and Naegle’s brother, Rafael Chavez, reported her missing Sunday evening. Harryman said he went to work about 4 p.m and his wife contacted him about 7 p.m. to say she was going to a birthday party at Alpine Village with her brother. [3]

Naegle told Harryman she would stay a few hours because she had to go to teach classes Sunday at West Los Angeles College. Harryman said he finished work at 2 a.m. Sunday. When he arrived home, he found his wife wasn’t there. He texted her to ask where she was. “Within a minute or two, she called me,” Harryman said. “She sounded really, really drunk. She said, ‘I’m going to get some food and then I’ll be home.’” [3]

Naegle often used the ride service Uber, often with the same driver. Harryman said he went to sleep and awakened in the morning to watch football. The house, he said, was empty. Harryman said he figured his wife had stayed with her brother and gone to work. Later, however, he learned that her brother had not accompanied her to the party. Instead, she was picked up by a friend, who told Harryman his wife wanted to go to an after-party. The friend, a male nursing student, did not stay with her and went home. He did not know what she did next. [3]

Harryman said he texted his wife, “You didn’t come home last night. This is unacceptable. You must be feeling horrible because you have to teach.” [3]

Later, Harryman received a call telling him that she never showed to teach her class. Harryman and Rafael Chavez then went to police. [1]


On December 20, 2016 Jackie Jerome Rogers told cops he killed Lisa Marie Naegle and her body is buried in his backyard near Inglewood, California. [27]

Lisa Marie's family confronted Rogers and caught him in a lie about Lisa Marie's disappearance. He claimed he left her at a bar early Sunday morning, but surveillance video shows she got in his SUV at 2:18 AM.[27]

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