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Li Xiaolai is a Chinese investor and blockchain enthusiast based in Beijing ​. [8] ​ An early proponent of Bitcoin and blockchain, Li has started several funds, launched a cryptocurrency exchange, and invested in blockchain projects. [8]


Early Life and Career

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Li was born in the 1970s and grew up in Beijing. [4] [7] ​ He attended Changchun University ​ where he earned a degree in accounting in 1995. [8]

Li began his career as a salesman and became one of the most well-known English teachers in China. [4] ​ An author, Li published  two bestselling books about time management and methods in mastering vocabularies for English tests. [4]

Blockchain and Rise in Prominence

Li started mining Bitcoin and investing in the space in 2011. [4] ​ By 2014, he reportedly owned over 100,000 bitcoins. [5] ​ After founding the Bitfund venture capital firm in 2013, Li also established Yunbi, a cryptocurrency exchange based in China. [3] ​ Upon starting the Yunbi, Li's bank account was frozen for various reasons. He was forced to sell bitcoins in a bear market in order to ensure adequate monetary reserves for the exchange. [3]

In 2016, Li founded, INBlockchain, a venture capital firm focused on blockchain assets. [8] ​ In the summer of 2017, Li was an early investor in EOS and ​. [3] ​  This is not the first Dan Larimer ​ project Li has supported, he also was an early investor in Bitshares ​ and Steemit ​. [3]

Other cryptos that Li has invested in include Siacoin ​, Qtum ​ and Bodhi. [1] ​ In April 2018, Li joined Tunlan Investment ​ and is the manager of their fund. [12]

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