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Kimberley Anne Scott (formerly Kim Mathers, born January 9, 1975) an is best-known for being the ex-wife of rapper Eminem.

Early Life & Education

Kim was born in Warren, Michigan, along with her twin sister Dawn Marie Scott.[6] She was living with her mother, Kathleen Sluck, and her stepfather before fleeing away. Her stepfather was reported to be an abusive alcoholic which resulted in Kim running away from her house.

Personal Life

Relationship with Eminem

Mathers first met Eminem in 1987 when Eminem was standing on a table shirtless rapping LL Cool J's "I'm Bad ". When she was 15, Kim and her sister Dawn moved in with Eminem and his mother after running away from home. Shortly after, Eminem and Kim started dating, beginning their relationship.

In 1995, Kim got pregnant with their daughter Hailie Mathers. She was born on Christmas Day, December 25, 1995.

After their breakup in 1996, Eminem moved back to 8 Mile while Kim and Hailie moved into a 1-bedroom apartment as recounted in the song "Mockingbird".

In 1998, the couple reconciled and remarried.

Afterwards, Kim was seen kissing John Guerrera, the bouncer of a nightclub. Eminem assaulted Guerrera and was arrested for assault. Eminem recreated the arrest in the skit on his third album The Eminem Show called "The Kiss (Skit)". Eminem was then charged with assault and possession of a concealed weapon, and pleaded guilty to both charges. He received two years probation. After the arrest, Eminem released his hit single "Kim," a song that tells the story of Eminem murdering Kim in response to the affair.

On July 7, 2000, Kim and her sister attended Eminem's concert for the Up in Smoke Tour. Kim said that Eminem promised that he wouldn't play "Kim" at the concert, but he played it and abused a blow-up doll meant to represent Kim. Kim, sad and embarrassed, left the show and got in a car accident. When she got back to their Detroit home, Kim attempted suicide by slashing her wrists, and ended up in the hospital the next day. After the suicide attempt, Eminem filed for divorce, and Kim sued him for defamation for the song "Kim".

In December 2000, Eminem and Kim reconciled and called off the divorce proceedings.

On March 2, 2001, Kim filed for divorce from Eminem, making it the second time divorce has been filed during their first marriage. [1] The first divorce was finalized October 11, 2001.

On July 8, 2001, Kim was arrested for disturbing the peace by riding a jet ski under the influence of alcohol. While escorting her to the county jail, police found cocaine in the backseat.

In 2002, Kim gave birth to Whitney, with a man she had been dating at the time.

In 2005, after a year of dating, Eminem proposed to Kim again. The proposal became public when Eminem announced the second wedding on a Detroit radio station. Kim didn't want to get married at first, because it felt like she was being rushed. Eventually, the couple rewed on January 14, 2006, the seventeenth anniversary of when they started dating. At the wedding, guests attended including family, friends, 50 Cent's G-Unit, and Eminem's band D12. Hailie, their daughter, was the flower girl, and Proof, Eminem's best friend, was the best man. Eminem's mother, Debbie Mathers, did not attend. The wedding was caught on a Detroit local television news network.

A month later, Kim got into a heated argument with Eminem's brother Nathan. The day after, Eminem left their Detroit home. Eminem didn't return phone calls or visit the kids till a month later.

On April 6, 2006, Eminem filed for divorce again. 5 days later, Eminem's best friend Proof was murdered at a Detroit nightclub. The second divorce was finalized on December 19, 2006. Eminem and Kim agreed to share custody of their daughter Hailie, while Eminem received full custody of Alaina and Kim's daughter Whitney. [1]

Youtube Video
Kim Mathers talks about Eminem on ABC' s 20/20

In 2007, Kim went public about her divorce on ABC' s 20/20. In Eminem's song "Going Through Changes" on the album Recovery, Eminem says he still loves Kim because she is the mother of his child, but they will never be together. [4]

Dawn Scott (Sister)

Kim Scott grew up with a twin sister named Dawn.

On January 19, 2016, Scott lost her sister Dawn to a heroin overdose. She was living with a 92-year-old woman and her 67-year-old daughter at the time.[6]

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