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KBSD is the international digital intelligence agency specialised in Reputation Management and Digital Bodyguarding™ [4].

Founded in 2009 with offices in Geneva (Switzerland) and then expanding internationally (New York City, USA since 2012) [3], KBSD was founded by David Scholberg and is still privately owned.

KBSD is a registered brand in Switzerland and the USA [1] [2].

KBSD trademarks in 2014 the term 'Digital Bodyguarding' as brand name for its cyber-security and cyber-threat software technologies [5].

Both in Switzerland and internationally, KBSD is considered one of the leading online reputation management firms, and is regularly sought out by the medias for its expertise [4].


Based in Geneva (Switzerland) and founded in 2009, KBSD is fully dedicated to digital influence & online lobbying tactics including social engineering, internet crisis management and brand reputation protection on the international level.

The team combines extremely skilled cross-internet experts with more than 15 years of experience in every area.

In 2009 KBSD introduces its e-reputation and digital identity protection plans for organizations, brands and individuals through a fully protected and consolidated brand and niche market in Geneva, Switzerland.


KBSD becomes international implementation partner of CDNetworks, Content Delivery Network provider allowing fast and optimal access to webcontent from anywhere in the world.


KBSD becomes on of the international partners of WebPageTest, renowned industry association helping in websites’ accessibility & performance assessment.


The main ITC Swiss Television program Nouvo covers a personal e-reputation project led by KBSD.

The full program is picked up by evening prime time news and consists of the first mass media coverage of personal e-reputation in Switzerland.


KBSD produces the first infographic report on managing personal reputation, which is immediately picked up and commented by the leading worldwide website Mashable.

Following this success, a second infographic is produced, featuring enterprise level reputation management and targeted towards organizations.

This infographic is published and commented by the famous VentureBeat news website.

Both infographics were used in colleges, universities and hundreds of blogs worldwide.


KBSD becomes the first and only Swiss implementation partner of ChinaCache, CDN and Technology specialists in Mainland China.

The clients of KBSD are now granted a worldwide website accessibility, including advanced performances in Asia & Mainland China with unparalleled access through the Great Firewall of China


The proprietary “Private Open-Source” CMS is refactored and en route to become a Management software with Digital-Data, E-Commerce and CRM functionalities.

This project is a pilot for the new Digital Command Center software [undergoing implementation Q2+Q3-2013].


KBSD is nominated to create and teach the first Digital Marketing cursus at Webster University in Geneva.


The Digital Profiling products and services are introduced.

The brand is secured on Internet, and the leading Swiss magazine in business, Bilan, publishes a full article on the innovative topic, creating a new basis for HR and Intelligence products and services.


KBSD has been recognized to boost its clients’ performances by international press and peers.

L2ThinkTank rated RAYMOND WEIL as “punching above it's weight” in the famous international luxury brand study, the Digital IQ.

In November 2012, the L2ThinkTank China Study rates RAYMOND WEIL's digital performance above nearly all competitors : Rolex, Hublot, Baume-Et-Mercier, Roger Dubuis, etc.

In 2011, KBSD takes part in the first edition of the Swiss eCommerce Exhibition in Lausanne and Geneva, becoming Gold Partner and figuring side-by-side the most well known companies in Geneva.

KBSD's conferences on Digital Intelligence and E-Reputation have been publicly claimed as being the ones not to miss.

In 2012, KBSD is contracted to head Digital Marketing for the new 88 RUE DU RHONE accessible luxury brand.

KBSD is fully leading the whole aspects of digital, in an outsourced process, with direct access to founders.

A stake is taken in the company to ensure solidity of relationship and symbolizes even further the Digital Marketing skills of the team.

In 2013, the brand signature evolves and clearly states “Digital Intelligence & E-Reputation”. A new website is launched and all branding material is updated to reflect the clear Global Digital Intelligence competences of the company, opening the path towards senior corporate projects.

February 2013, on the occasion of Facebook's 9thbirthday, KBSD is internationally recognized for its digital coup in association with its client RAYMOND WEIL.

The official website of the brand is purely switched off and the traffic redirected to the brands' fan page on Facebook, yielding a significant ROI in PR and publications.

Q2-2013, a brand takeover involving Baidu negotiations and Chinese development is launched for RAYMOND WEIL in Mainland China.

Over the 3.5 years of existence, KBSD has been published many times in Switzerland’s leading main stream press including Swiss TV, Swiss Radio & Newspapers like Le Temps, Bilan and L’Agefi.

Local press, international blogs and publications regularly contact the company for professional opinion.


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