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David Scholberg

David Scholberg

David Scholberg is the founder of KBSD [undefined], the international digital intelligence company specialized in Reputation Management and Digital Bodyguarding™. Founded in 2009, with offices in Geneva (Switzerland) and New York City (USA), KBSD is a registered brand in Switzerland and the USA [undefined], and Digital Bodyguarding is trademarked since 2014, when the term was coined as a brand name for the leading cyber security and cyber-threat mitigation technologies [undefined], used by the company's specialists, as well as by their clients. Scholberg is Co-Founder of the Digital Future Forum, a non-profit association based in New York [undefined] and has been key speaker & organiser at multiple events (such as 'Digital Diplomacy' in Washington, DC or 'Mobile Journalism' in NYC and Miami). Scholberg's professional insights are consistently published by leading press & media publications both in Switzerland (LeTemps, Bilan, RTS, Agefi, etc.) and worlwide (Mashable, Vice, Venturebeat, Collision, etc.) [undefined]. He also acts as marketing, communication & online security consultant for a number of companies, including banks, sport & tourism industry and luxury brands [undefined]. He is a regular speaker and lecturer at Swiss and international schools and universities, such as SAWI, Webster University or Geneva University [undefined]. In 2016, he is part of the select ''100 people who make (french-speaking) Switzerland'' - the yearly forum by the Swiss economic magazine l'Hebdo [undefined]. He was born in Montreux (Switzerland) and raised on the sides of Lac Leman in the French speaking part of Switzerland where he still resides at this day [undefined]. He holds a swiss degree in Business & Administration (Economist) and a Master certificate in Internet Marketing (University of San Fransisco), is a qualified snowboard instructor and Swiss mountain sports professional. He is extremely well versed in action, adventure & tribal sports, having worked in the ski & snowboard industry for many years, as well as having been a representative for Salomon Sports and consulted for multiple sports brands. Since 2014, he has been the main marketing and communications consultant for RealFly, the Swiss indoor skydiving windtunnel in Sion [undefined]. He is a keen skydiver, base-jumper, (mountain-)climber, surfer and diver - to cite a few among other ''extreme sports''[666666]. Digital savvy since playing with DOS command lines on his dad's IBM PC-XT at the age of 6, he enjoys traveling the world, yoga, green smoothies and Cuban cigars [1]- and is quite proud to be one of the first hundred verified profiles on Everipedia [666666].


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